Should I Hire an Audio Editor

Should I Hire an Audio Editor?

Deciding whether to hire an audio editor is a big task. You may think you don’t need one, or that you can cut corners and save money. But is it really worth it NOT to hire an audio editor? We’re showing you what an audio editor can do and how they help so that you can make the justified decision whether to hire an audio editor for your film project or not.

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What Do Audio Editors Do?

Audio editors help to produce sound for your video that works with the footage and compliments your film production. They work to edit together various phases of different audio and takes to produce seamless transition as your footage rolls.

The audio editor will adjust volume levels and remove breaths from the audio so that the sound is crystal clear and there are no added elements that were not part of the original script. In fact, editing can also be used to mix audio with music and may provide complex changes to the final cut.

Audio editing can be used to remove mouth clicks and pops that otherwise would render the audio that was captured for a scene useless. This fine-tuning can be used to clean up a voice-over so that the end sound is as clean and easy to understand as possible. Audio editors share a similar role to Production Sound Mixers.

Audio Editors and Script Changes

Did you make changes to the script during the shoot? If a word was changed to a plural but your actor used a singular version of it, do you really want to reshoot the entire scene over a single syllable? An audio editor can add the “s” to the end of the word by finding the use of the “s” somewhere else in the audio and finessing it in so that it sounds natural as if the original audio included the use of the plural word! Amazing right?

Audio editors are vital if you made script changes and do not have the appropriate audio footage to accompany the changes. In fact, hiring an audio editor in this case can save you a lot of time and money when compared to what it would cost to reshoot.

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Should I Hire an Audio Editor?

The end decision as to whether or not to hire an audio editor is yours. However, we recommend an audio editor for films and for productions that are labor intense. We also recommend an audio editor if you have any script changes that could result in the need for adjustments to the audio capture later on in post production. Audio editors can save you time and money when you think of otherwise having to reshoot.

While it may not be a necessary addition to your production budget, the hiring of an audio editor can greatly improve the end audio of your film project.

Here’s a quick video by AMC explaining the differences between sound editors and sound mixers:

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