23 Places to Find a Local Videographer in Roswell

Looking for a local videographer in Roswell? The quest might seem daunting, but there’s an abundance of top-notch places boasting HD videographers in Roswell. These professionals offer a plethora of services suited for your enterprise. Regardless if you’re scouting for a long-term Roswell videographer or just for a one-off gig, our list of local Roswell videographers covers a vast range of services throughout North Georgia.


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How Do I Find a Local Videographer in Roswell?

The key to securing a local videographer in Georgia who can aid in producing enticing marketing content, client testimonials, product demonstrations, tutorials, or even a documentary or live event lies in your search strategy. A seasoned Roswell videographer brings to the table years of honed expertise, a commitment to the craft, and state-of-the-art equipment tailored for your projects. While hiring an expert is a wise decision, zeroing in on a videographer endowed with the ideal skills, equipment, and resources tailored for your business requirements can be slightly challenging.

Whether you’re in the market for an ENG or EFP team in 30075, a camera crew who can pinpoint the premier filming locales in Fulton County, or a comprehensive shoot for a live broadcast at the crossroads of Alpharetta Street and Norcross Street, it’s essential to know the ideal places to commence your search. For your convenience, we’ve compiled this list pinpointing places to discover a local videographer in Roswell. Let the search begin!

1. Beverly Boy Productions

Kicking off our list is none other than Team Beverly Boy! A beacon in the industry, our passion is evident in our work. At Beverly Boy Productions, sourcing a Roswell videographer is a breeze. With years of unparalleled experience and a team of Roswell-based film crews deeply acquainted with the city’s intricacies, we ensure impeccable execution on the first go. Simply dial our office, and our producers will guide you to the ideal videographer for your upcoming endeavor. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


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2. Reddit for Hire

Reddit isn’t merely a hub for news or culinary debates; it also boasts a “for hire” section. Locating Roswell videographers here is as straightforward as detailing your project in a post and awaiting replies. Given the site’s vast active user base, you’re bound to encounter a “Redditor” in proximity, ready to cater to your videographic needs.


People Per Hour simplifies the process of securing a Roswell videographer, working for a predetermined hourly rate. Once you’ve delineated your project, freelancers will present their bids. With the platform’s advanced algorithm, you’re matched with the best, ensuring personalized proposals befitting your project’s nature. Simply select the Roswell freelancer who aligns with your vision, make an initial deposit, and settle the final amount upon project completion.

4. Facebook

Harnessing Facebook’s immense reach can be instrumental in identifying local videographers in Roswell. With almost 3 billion users globally, the platform is a potent tool to liaise with videographers close to you. Utilize the Marketplace feature to acquaint yourself with local businesses and freelancers proffering videography services. The power of networking is just a click away on Facebook!

5. Personal Recommendations

The timeless method of word-of-mouth remains a formidable tool in the quest for local videographers. Personal endorsements can sometimes outshine other avenues on this list, connecting you with videographers proven to be effective in prior projects. Engaging in conversations with fellow business moguls or peers regarding their past projects and the videographers they collaborated with can expedite the process of finding the perfect videographer, eliminating the need for extensive background checks.

6. was crafted with the purpose of listing videographers in Roswell and bridging the gap between media professionals and local businesses seeking their expertise. With a pool of professional videographers spanning the US and Canada, locating a local expert in Roswell is just a couple of clicks away. Navigate the platform by selecting your state, then your city, and you’ll be paired with professionals ready to assist you.


This global platform strives to connect industry professionals to projects in video production. If you’re in Roswell and seeking a videographer, is your go-to. Housing a wide community of industry professionals like actors, editors, and others involved in video production, you can easily connect with a plethora of talents. Search through their database and find someone perfect for your project today.

8. Roswell Area Chamber Of Commerce

The Roswell Area Chamber Of Commerce is an excellent resource when seeking videographers or other professionals in the vicinity. A simple query to the local chamber can guide you to a list of service providers that fit your requirements. Given the numerous businesses affiliated with the local Chamber, your search for the perfect resource for your next project becomes a breeze.

9. Upwork 

With a staggering clientele of over 145 thousand and a user base of 14 million spanning more than 180 countries, Upwork stands out as a top choice to locate a videographer in Roswell. Potential clients can either post their requirements and wait for freelancers to pitch, or they can browse through freelancer profiles and request a bid. Due to Upwork’s global presence, you’re guaranteed to pinpoint a Roswell videographer that aligns with your needs, no matter where you are.

10. Craigslist

Craigslist, known for its vast opportunities, is a free platform with dedicated city-specific pages across the US. Whether you’re posting a job listing or browsing through freelancer posts, finding a Roswell videographer is uncomplicated and straightforward on Craigslist.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a powerhouse in professional networking, is the ideal space to connect with a Roswell videographer. The platform encourages the establishment of genuine business relationships, making the process of finding the right service provider both productive and enjoyable. Dive deep, make connections, and select the best fit for your videography requirements.

12. Instagram

An unparalleled platform with global reach, Instagram is a treasure trove when scouting for local videographers and other crew members. Browse portfolios, interact with potential candidates, and connect with freelancers ready to collaborate. To refine your search, use hashtags like #Roswellvideographer, #Roswellcameracrew, and #setlife. With its vast user base, Instagram is a primary destination for locating videography talents in Roswell.

13. Gigsalad

Gigsalad, a renowned event planning platform, is home to a wide variety of service providers, encompassing videographers, entertainers, and more. On this platform, find a Roswell videographer adept in all aspects of film production and also explore other service providers on this bustling gig site.

Team Beverly Boy


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Originating from Australia, is a global marketplace designed to assist freelancers in landing projects. With a footprint in major global cities and a user base exceeding 20 million since its inception in 2009, hosts professionals skilled in diverse fields, from videography, animation, graphic design to special effects and beyond.


Discovering and hiring Roswell, GA videographers through Bark is quick and completely free! This platform bridges the gap between service providers and those in need of their unique expertise. If you’re in the market for a videographer, simply conduct a search specific to your location and connect with the expert videography services tailored to your requirements.

16. BNI Business Network International

This expansive network of experts is a U.S.-based institution boasting over 270 thousand members and in excess of 10 thousand chapters across 70 nations. To Find a Local Videographer using BNI, merely locate a local chapter among the myriad available and make an effort to become part of it.

17. The Knot 

While The Knot is predominantly associated with wedding preparations, sourcing event videographers in Roswell, GA here might surprise you. The platform offers a chance to discover videographers equipped for a range of video content needs. Through The Knot, not only can you locate videographers but also numerous other service providers and venues.

18. Wedding Wire 

Like The Knot, Wedding Wire was conceptualized for wedding coordination. However, it encompasses an array of vendors proficient in video production and diverse videography types. Navigate the platform to connect with local videographers capable of immaculately capturing and presenting your event’s memories.


On Simply Hired, you can find videographers versed in a plethora of specialties, from corporate video productions to live showcases. The platform also lists other professionals that might suit your requirements. Utilize this free platform to advertise your projects and anticipate contact from eager videographers in Roswell, GA.

20. LocalGrapher

Localgrapher is yet another stellar platform to find a videographer in Roswell, GA. Acting as a directory for local photographers, videographers, and cinematographers, each professional here is a master of their craft. Engage with diverse talents spanning over 800 global destinations. Assign the intricate task of video content creation to an expert while you concentrate on elevating your enterprise or brand!


Navigating simplifies your event planning venture. The site enumerates Roswell, GA videographers alongside a spectrum of event-centric professionals, ranging from venue managers to service providers. Browse through, compare pricing for Roswell videographers, and more. Your connection to these videographers is a mere email or call away. Embark on your journey of orchestrating events, be it a conference, party, or grand assembly, right here!


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Unearth local videographers on Thumbtack by merely entering your region’s zip code and specifying a service. With a database of over 250 thousand professionals offering services like videography in Georgia and beyond, the platform serves upwards of 25 million patrons. Delve deeper into their hourly rates, areas of specialization, and past customer experiences before initiating any conversation.


Designed to nurture an online community of media aficionados, Media Match now showcases a videography portfolio with over 160 thousand media professionals. With an additional 100 thousand media enterprises ready to collaborate, your next project’s potential knows no bounds. Commence your search to Find a Local Videographer in Roswell, GA and stay abreast of the most recent industry developments on this platform!

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