Concert Video Production

When it comes to live Event Videography, Concerts are considered tricky to film. Crowded areas and poor lighting can make the film experience unpredictable. But with the right film crew, you can truly make some magic happen. A full production team is required for shooting concerts, as well as other types of live events. Multiple recording devices, both video and audio, are required for capturing those perfect moments in your concert. A competent film crew will capture the coverage you need, access the stage, and utilize their expertise to present your event in a way that you deserve. A staple of Concert Video Production is a film process called live switching. Live switching is used by an on-site crew to capture up-close views of your event. Live switching does two things: (1) it gives event attendees a great look at your concert no matter what seat they're in and (2) it gives you footage, from every angle, to use in future videos.

Concert Videographer

Filming live events is a little different than filming more choreographed projects. They're loud and crowded, making it a little more difficult to capture footage. But this atmosphere isn't intimidating for an experienced Concert Videographer! With the right attitude, an expert will make every inconvenience an opportunity. From mosh pits at power metal concerts to fangirls screaming at their favorite boy band, there’s always a way to capture those perfect moments. The right planning, equipment, and crew will do it right the first time around. For example, a top-notch film crew will create a concert video setup customized for your particular event. This customized experience includes everything from multiple recording devices (especially for audio), to careful equipment placement, to multiple angles based on the coverage you're interested in filming. Coverage should always be diverse, with shots like full-stage views and close-ups, so you have different types of footage to work with.

Live Concert Video Companies

There are plenty of production companies out there that are willing to film your concert. But with only one chance to capture the best moments of your live event, you’re going to want a company with years of experience in concert videography. When you’re looking at live concert video companies, we recommend you keep the following things in mind:

Does the company have experience with live switching? The video screen at your venue is a key part of the entire concert experience. If live video switching and projectors aren’t used, concert attendees in the back are going to have a hard time enjoying the experience.

Does the company support live streaming? When people can watch your concert from around the world, this will save you thousands of dollars on travel time and costs. Live streaming is basically an extra source of revenue. We highly recommend looking into it!

Does the company provide sample videos? Seeing examples of concert videography can give you a clear idea of what you can expect out of a particular video company.

Live Music Production

It's safe to say that Concert Videography is a unique field for film crews to work in. Multi camera concert video production is crucial; it’s not just important for the event you're filming, but your success in the music industry as well. With the right company, live music production is an ease. This is where Beverly Boy comes into play! 

Concert Video Production


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    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
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    Live Concert Video Production is one of our many specialties. Whether you're looking for a concert tour production company or someone to cover one of your concert's lighting and rigging, we're here to help. With over 10 years of experience in the field, you can rest assuredly knowing that your concert will be fully covered. At Beverly Boy, we put our experience to use.
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