When & How to Use Industry Safety Videos in the Workplace

The use of industry safety videos in the workplace can help you prepare your workforce for a wide variety of potential scenarios and risks that could arise during their course of work. Statistically, providing industry safety video training in microlearning bursts in which your audience engages in very short periods of learning ranging between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, is ideal because these short bursts are easier to remember and recall. Planning out how and when to use industry safety videos in the workplace is an important step in keeping your employees safe. 

Industry safety videos should make up one piece of the training that you provide at an industry level for your workforce. You should also be providing training to assist with day-to-day operations including management and leadership training, customer service training, and training on a variety of other important concepts.  For help producing training videos and industry safety videos that target your specific audience, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

Consider using industry safety videos in a variety of flexible time periods throughout the workday as follows.

Introduce Industry Safety Videos to Begin the Day

Asking your team to watch an industry safety video at the start of each shift can have a variety of benefits for your team. Making this a daily routine will ensure good study habits and keeping the content fresh in the mind of the employees is also a good idea. Incorporating industry safety training into the start of the day ensures that everyone on your team, including remote employees and those in-house, will have received the same messaging to start the day. This ensures consistency in training.

Introduce Industry Safety Videos that Apply to a Specific Hazard

Has a specific hazard occurred recently in your workplace? Or has risk for a potential hazard been brought up? This is an excellent time to reinforce employee training by providing them with industry safety videos that directly address the hazard. Educating employees immediately after a risk, or even immediately before a potentially hazardous day can help keep the content fresh in their mind when it is most important to apply it to real world use. 

For instance, if you know that employees are going to be facing above average temperatures while working outside, this would be a perfect day to introduce industry safety videos that address things like preventing heat stroke and staying hydrated at work. 

Introduce Industry Safety Videos Ahead of Planned Training

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Do you have planned in-person training scheduled to take place? Ahead of the planned training, consider introducing industry safety videos that relate to the training that will be provided as a pre-training introduction that will get your team talking about the training they’re about to receive. Another option is to send the industry safety videos out post-training as a follow-up to an in-person course to remind employees of their training.

Introduce Industry Safety Videos at Regularly Scheduled Intervals

Whether it’s once a week, twice a month, everyday or some other interval that employees will recall, introducing industry safety videos on a regular basis like this will ensure consistency and habit in training. Your employees will come to expect training on certain days or at specific intervals and they’ll potentially gain more from it. Consider creating industry safety videos that poke fun at the idea of training to keep your employees engaged and interested in the training that they’ll receive. This way they’ll actually look forward to it!

Introduce Industry Safety Videos in Direct Regards to Compliance Issues

Have you recently faced a particular compliance issue that employees need to be aware of and be sure to overcome? Introducing industry safety videos in direct relation to compliance issues is a great way to not only provide the necessary training but to reinforce it in the real world scenarios that are taking place within the workplace. 

In an instance like this, you might notice a particular employee or group of employees that are out of compliance in some way. For these specific employees, you could send them over some specific industry safety videos that reference the importance of this particular compliance issue and remaining in compliance. You don’t necessarily have to share the training with everyone in this instance, and can instead use it to directly help a group of employees that appear to require additional training on a subject. 

Keep Industry Safety Videos in an On-Demand Library

All of the above instances are great times to introduce industry safety videos to your team, but there’s nothing better than also having all of your training on-demand and available in a video library for employees to engage in at their own convenience and on their own time. Remind employees that the videos are available, and make them easily accessible via the library. This way employees can self-educate on topics that are of importance to them.

With all of these instances where industry safety videos can come into play, you’re going to need a library of content to teach and train your employees. Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to learn more about producing industry safety videos that will teach, train and engage your target audience. 

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