What is EPK Video Production

What is EPK Video Production?

EPK video production includes the planning, filming, and editing of an electronic press kit which condenses the information of a physical press kit into a user-friendly, digital format that can be easily downloaded to provide information on upcoming musical performances, contact details, samples, and other important promotional materials that can be used to set yourself apart from the competition.

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Presenting an electronic press kit to those potentially interested in your creative performances can make a difference between booking a show, or not. In today’s busy world, digitally downloadable EPKs are both incredibly popular and effective.

What’s Included?

These digitally formatted media kits include easy-to-download information on upcoming performances, contact details, creative samples, and other important promotional materials that can be used to set yourself apart from the competition.

EPK video production includes the planning, filming, and editing of an electronic press kit that will be used to provide highlights and details about your work.

What is an EPK?

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An EPK, or Electronic Press Kit, is a package of digital media materials that are used to promote your creative works. Artists frequently use EPKs to share details with others and increase following.

Whether creating an EPK for an upcoming film or movie, or an EPK for a signer and songwriter, the use of video content in a press kit adds value and entertainment to these digitally downloadable media packages that are generally used to promote creative works.

Electronic press kits include several common elements regardless of the underlying nature of the creative works behind the kit.

Before press kits became electronic, producers and those promoting creative professionals would use physical press kits to deliver pertinent details about show bookings, samples, and contact information to potentially interested parties such as journalists, investors, and PR professionals.

Today’s EPKs include many of the same elements that were once found in physical press kits including:

  • A biography that shares the story and background of the artist.
  • Samples of creative works including music samples and or tracks.
  • Photos that showcase the artist or the group in action. This includes headshots, cover art, and graphics.
  • Videos that includes everything from happy and excited fans to performance clips and marketing or promotions.
  • Press details which show past interviews, endorsements or interactions between the artist or group and the press.
  • A calendar that includes upcoming performance dates and times.
  • Contact information including telephone number, email address, and physical address.

What is EPK Video Production?

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EPK video production includes the planning, filming and editing of the media files listed above which are then turned into engaging video content. A full-service film crew will work with you to determine the most suitable shots and effects to use in order to share your story with the world.

Video production of an EPK includes planning out a detailed video which will share your biography in a story-like manner that is easy for others to follow and to relate to. 

Interviews are Key

Footage is captured for your project in a variety of formats. Interviews make up the majority of the press kit. A producer, writer, and director will work together to create the intended format of the interview.

The interviews are typically captured using a two-camera setup and appropriate lighting. In addition to the interviews, b-roll footage will also be captured in order to complement the interviews and create the desired visualization that shares your story.

Once all the footage has been filmed, EPK video production will progress to the final stages of editing and review. A lot of the challenges of EPK video production arise in the post-production editing process, but with the support of a professional film crew, the process moves right along.

Stay in Touch

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Since EPK packages must be provided in a number of desirable formats and with various features, it’s important to work closely with your film crew to determine the most suitable exports and deliverables for your project.

Depending on your individual needs, and the individual needs of the producer or promoter that is working on the EPK, expect to have several communications back and forth in order to finalize the EPK video and all supporting downloads and documents. 

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