How to Host a Virtual Job Fair

How to Host a Virtual Job Fair

Wondering how to host a virtual job fair? Hosting a virtual job fair can help bring prospective employees together to seek and get hired for various positions. If you’re struggling to find new talent, consider hosting a virtual job fair to bring in potential employees and provide a way for your business to deliver information to those most likely to consider a career within your field. If you’re not sure how to host a virtual job fair, consider these tips.

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Choose a Platform

Where will you host the virtual job fair? Will you host it on Zoom? Will you host it on your own intranet? Will you host it on a unique website that you create specifically for the virtual job fair? Various options exist when choosing a virtual career platform that’s right for your business news. Consider virtual event software early on to ensure seamless planning of your event.

Define Budget

What kind of budget do you have to spend on hosting a virtual job fair. Will you have a budget for each attendee? Will there be a budget for entertainment? Is there a budget for prizes or other elements of the event? What will you spend on event production? As you learn how to host a virtual job fair, make sure you define a budget for each element of the career event.

Use Branding for Recognition

You may already know that when you host a virtual job fair, you should use your own branding for everything from the background of the “meeting” room to the advertisements that are included throughout the program. If you’re unsure or unaware of this, branding such as colors and your logos as well as your typography all play key roles in the recognition prospects have for your business — you don’t want to lose out on prospective employee applications because they don’t recognize you!

Interact with Prospects

One of the major factors that come from learning how to host a virtual job fair is interaction. With a professional production crew, you’ll learn how to implement things like polls and surveys that allow you to interact in real-time with those engaging in your career fair. Consider various interactive elements to keep prospects engaged and learning about the various careers available at your business.

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Follow Up

One of the greatest tips that come from learning how to host a virtual job fair isn’t relative to the actual fair itself, but the follow-up. You need to follow up with people who attend your job fair and ask them how they did. Did they enjoy the fair? Did they find a job? Following up often leads to new hires — so please don’t skip this step.

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