4 Major Mistakes Independent Video Production Companies Won't Make

4 Major Mistakes Independent Video Production Companies Won’t Make

So you’ve decided to hire an independent video production company to help you create corporate videos for your business — now what?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you made the right choice? Maybe you’ve even thought, “I could have probably hired a freelancer and saved some money,” but could you have?

Independent video production companies can save you a lot of time and money as well as some hassle, especially when compared to hiring a freelancer. Check out these major mistakes that you definitely won’t find an independent video production company making.

1. Overly Long Videos that Don’t Work for Your Platform

Bad content

Not only is an overly long video a problem because there’s a huge risk that your viewers will not stay engaged, but there’s also a risk that the content will be too long for the platform that you intend to share it on and therefore it won’t be able to be posted. This is a HUGE mistake that you really can’t afford to make.

While long content can be condensed and shortened down, what happens if it already tells the story exactly how it should? What if it cannot be condensed any further? You’re stuck with a long video, that nobody is going to watch — bummer!

Unfortunately freelancers cant offer too much time as they’re only one person or a small team; if something goes wrong and they have upcoming projects for someone else — you could get stuck with all the mistakes and possibly be subject to waiting a lengthy period before any edits or re-shoots can be done. 

When you hire an independent video production company to work with you, you’re getting professionalism, punctual response time, a responsible team, and room for changes to the project. This is because of the team behind the scenes that each work like a gear in a grand machine.

2. Information Overload

Too much information

Kind of like delivering a video that’s too long, information overload is another HUGE mistake that you won’t find independent video production companies making!

However, this mistake is made a lot with freelancers and people who think they can create great video content but don’t properly plan or just plain don’t know the industry. 

This is often due to lack of experience however, when creating an important video there is far too much at stake to allow this. 

The average person’s attention span drops at a shocking 88% per year, and global news and twitter trends lifespans have been cut by roughly 35% within the course of 6 yrs! Meaning people are getting harder and harder to keep engaged. 

Less is More when we’re talking about video production. Don’t try to fill a short, 2 minute, video with everything that you KNOW will take 10 minutes to explain. It’s just not feasible. Consider the alternatives:

● Break the video up into smaller, shorter videos.
● Limit the information based on a niche or topic.
● Do both!

Don’t go into the project thinking you’ll save time and money by just creating a long, information overload style video — it won’t succeed! The average person’s attention span is only 8 seconds after all.  

3. Sharp Cuts


Your video makes it to editing — that’s great! But now you’ve realized that the precise movement and flow that you expected your video to have from one subject or story element to the next isn’t happening. You’ve got sharp cuts that are distracting and hard to even watch — WHY?

This is subject to not only the experience at hand but also knowledge of trends and modern mass communication. If your video isn’t edited properly it is seen as “cringey” the ultimate killer, because viewers won’t even give it a chance. 

Independent video production companies are not likely to make such silly editing mistakes, but a freelancer that’s maybe better at filming and not so great at editing might. Make sure you’re prepared to hire a professional editor if you decide to go with a freelance camera operator for your project.

Better yet, just stick with your gut and go with hiring independent video production companies only!

Doing it right the first time!

Ready to get started? Beverly Boy Productions is one of the best independent video production companies available to shoot your video and edit anywhere in the world. We can’t wait to get started on your next big project!

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