Video Production for the Agribusiness Industry

Agricultural businesses that produce & wholesale plants & plant products, food, supplementary products such as crops & livestock, or agricultural machinery are known as being part of the agribusiness industry which is an incredible $3 trillion dollar industry in the United States alone. Across this industry, nearly 2.8M businesses operate in the engagement & benefit of agricultural activities including the production of agricultural commodities, the production & supply of goods & services to farms and in various tasks of agricultural production management leading up to the point of introducing food for retail sale. Video Production for the Agribusiness Industry is primarily focused on B2B demand generation, lead growth, and increased sales but may also include the creation of expert interviews & training videos essential to brands across the agribusiness sector.

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Beverly Boy Productions engages in a variety of important video production services that can help those in the agribusiness sector to achieve their marketing & advertising goals as well as to properly provide essential skills training for the safety & effectiveness of their operations. From the production of customer engaging promotional videos that represent farmers & food manufacturers to the introduction of video-based training programs across the agriculture equipment manufacturing industry, Team Beverly Boy can help.

Promotional Videos for the Agribusiness Industry

Promotional Video Production for the Agribusiness Industry is primarily centered on conversions. This can include sales but it may also include the generation of leads, interest, or the achievement of a variety of other conversion-oriented goals. 

Short, engaging promotional videos have the capacity to:

  • Improve your reach on social media.
  • Increase business understanding of your products & services.
  • Boost industry focus on your brand.


There are many different ways that you can use promo videos to engage your prospects and customers in order to grow revenue & ultimately ROI across your agribusiness brand. Consider the distribution of promo videos on social media, television, your corporate website, and across a variety of third-party locations that are essential to the growth & customer focus on your business or brand.

Marketing Videos for the Agribusiness Industry

Marketing Video Production for the Agribusiness Industry is really all about helping businesses that are involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and production operations of a farm, farm supplies, farm food & supply storage, and farm commodities storage & supplies in order to generate food & food products. Typically, agribusiness is a b2b industry that consists of a massive supply chain that takes a bare farm, or seed, to fruition and prepares the end product for sale to another business or retailer that will ultimately offer to the end consumer.

Marketing videos for agribusinesses can:

  • Increase lead generation across social media & online.
  • Boost sales across a variety of channels including website, landing page, email & social.
  • Increase brand awareness & recognition.
  • Improve digital presence by increasing organic rankings, traffic & consumer interest.
  • Nurture leads & customers at all stages of the journey or sales cycle/funnel.
  • Educate audiences, including business owners, on the products & services offered for sale.
  • Engage audiences in a way that will ultimately drive sales conversions.
  • Boost ROI for the business & drive revenue up to 49% faster for the brand.

Most b2b marketers are already utilizing video to their marketing advantage. How will you put marketing videos to work for your agribusiness brand?

Training Videos for the Agribusiness Industry

Training videos can help you scale back resources that are necessary to the hiring and training of new employees for your agricultural business. In fact, training Video Production for the Agribusiness Industry can help you to create a more consistent, effective, and efficient training program for your employees without cutting into one of the most limited resources you have: time!

Expert training videos for your agribusiness will:

  • Improve training outcomes for your employees.
  • Reduce total training time without interfering with the training quality.
  • Increase employee knowledge retention by 85% over written manuals.
  • Improve employee engagement with training.
  • Improve management ability to track & analyze training.

Whether you train 10 employees a year or 10K a month, training videos are going to save your agribusiness time & money while providing greater consistency in the training you provide.

Interview Videos for the Agribusiness Industry

As an agribusiness, end consumers count on your brand to provide exceptional quality that they can trust. In fact, the businesses that you promote your brand to expect that they can trust your brand to be safe, effective, and efficient and that the products you sell will hold up to the expectations set as a whole because your product will figure into the final value of an end product that is offered to the consumer for sale.

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Interview Video Production for the Agribusiness Industry can help you set the standard for your audience by showcasing your leadership, key experience & expertise, so that you can build trust & confidence in your brand. Ask Team Beverly Boy about the many ways that you can use interview videos for your agricultural business to boost audience confidence & generate increased trust in your brand.

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