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Paint stores that sell interior and exterior home & building paints, wallpaper, and paint products represent a $15 billion dollar industry that includes more than 9K total businesses and stores. Many operate independently while others manufacture products that are sold both in their own stores and in big box retail home improvement stores like Home Depot & Lowes. Paint stores are affected by economic fluctuations with construction & home ownership, but not as much as some of the other construction supply markets are. Video Production for Paint Stores includes expert creation of marketing & promotional videos, video-based training, and interview videos that show off the expertise & experience behind the brand.

Many paint stores experienced significant revenue growth as a result of COVID-19 which would actually fuel many home improvement projects while workers were forced to stay home and shelter-in-place orders kept people inside. Despite high levels of external competition in the paint industry, savvy paint stores are expected to continue down a healthy path of economic growth & increased revenue over the next several years.

Beverly Boy Productions works closely with paint stores throughout the U.S. to provide expert video production services that are aimed at building community awareness, increasing engagement, and boosting industry-specific sales revenue to drive further growth. Our professional marketing & promotional videos, video training programs for paint stores, and expert interviews will help you grow your paint store to the next level.

Promotional Videos for Paint Stores


Paint stores are experienced significant value with video as they promote their products and services visually to the target market. Promotional Video Production for Paint Stores is a cost effective method of building out content that will increase your audience reach, grow consumer interest in your products & services, and boost revenue that you generate in your paint store from product sales.

Promotional videos are:

• Short & powerful forms of marketing content that your audience craves.
• Incredibly engaging and fun for your audience to watch on social media.
• The type of content that your customers are looking for.

A study recently found that 72% of consumers prefer to learn about products and services via video, so as a paint store owner why would you want to promote your store any other way?

Marketing Videos for Paint Stores

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Marketing Video Production for Paint Stores is absolutely essential if you expect to stay ahead of the competition and grow your brand. Consumers come to the internet to watch videos, and many spend upwards of 100 minutes engaging in video content each day. If you’re not providing video content for this audience, you’re almost certainly missing out on a huge market of consumers that could have interest in your store!

Video content is an irreplaceable element that should very much be a part of your marketing strategy. In fact, expert marketing videos can:

• Convince consumers to come to your store & purchase paint products.
• Improve audience reach on social media & on Google.
• Increase your search engine rankings and organic traffic.
• Generate additional sales, conversions, and revenue for your paint store.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing branded videos that tell the story of your paint store, or you’re posting promotional content that represents your brand on Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok, video is absolutely essential to your growth both online and off!

Training Videos for Paint Stores

Training incoming painters, paint mixers, and customer service representatives that are part of your paint store Is something that you cannot overlook. Training Video Production for Paint Stores will help you to produce expert training programs that represent your store so that you can teach your new and existing employees everything they need to know about working inside the store.

Training videos:

• Fill the training gap allowing you to spend more time focused on your store.
• Provide consistent and professional training content that your employees will appreciate.
• Are engaging & always available for employees to revert back to anytime, anywhere.
• Vital to building employee understanding of complex knowledge regarding store operations, techniques, and tactics relative to the brand.

You’ll save time & money by switching to video based training or blending training the way more than 88% of businesses already do and best of all, you’ll produce the training video content once, and use it over and over again.

Interview Videos for Paint Stores

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As a paint store owner, you’re going to work with homeowners, contractors, and DIY professionals that are engaging in a variety of projects on the job and at home. They’ll have questions about paint, varnish, sealers, and paint products and they’ll look to your store for expertise that represents the brand.

Expert interview Video Production for Paint Stores that focuses on answering the many questions your audience may have as well as on building up audience recognition of your business as an industry expert will help you to further grow your paint store and achieve your goals. Customers will look to your expert videos to:

• Gain a sense of credibility for your paint store.
• Establish a sense of trust in your brand.
• Improve their confidence in your products & services.

Building your paint store business is all about establishing audience trust and commitment to your brand. Contact Team Beverly Boy to learn more about expert Video Production for Paint Stores and the many benefits that video can provide for your brand.

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