Video Production for Janitorial Services 

Janitors provide commercial level building and external cleanup services for offices, schools, corporate locations, retailers, and across hospitals & healthcare facilities. While the industry suffered slightly during 2020 as a result of COVID-19 closures, a growing economy and steady rise in business operations has contributed to an overall increase across the janitorial services industry which is currently part of a massive $98 billion dollar sector. Since janitorial services are typically provided for businesses large & small, Video Production for Janitorial Services is centered around the delivery of B2B marketing & promotions as well as building audience trust and delivering essential training to employees.

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Beverly Boy Productions provides expert video production services that can help you achieve growth & sustained revenue for your janitorial services. Our marketing & promotional videos are essential to building a digital reputation online for your business and to reaching a wide community of business professionals and departments that are in immediate need of the services & cleaning solutions that you can provide.

Promotional Videos for Janitorial Services 

Promotional Video Production for Janitorial Services providers involves a focus on sharing insightful and engaging content with your target audience in order to encourage them to take a desired conversion-focused action. Typically, promotional videos focus on converting the audience into a paying customer, but they can also deliver content that will encourage them to call & book an appointment, to schedule a cleaning, or to perform a variety of other intended tasks.

The use of promotional videos can have several key advantages for your janitorial business above and beyond basic conversions such as:

  • Increased social media reach & up to 1200% more shares.
  • Increased landing page conversions by 80%.
  • Increased website visitors and organic traffic ranking.
  • Increased customer interest and engagement.

Each of the steps you take to promote your janitorial services to the end audience can have a profound impact on your ability to drive traffic, boost shares, increase reach & create the intended effects of conversions in the form of increased customers & customer revenue.

Marketing Videos for Janitorial Services 

Marketing videos are essential for use at each major stage of the conversion cycle or customer journey. As a janitorial services provider you can introduce your services & cleaning solutions to customers with videos that target the unique audience that is most important to your business and to provide education that is going to prove your authority & ability to provide exceptional outcomes within the commercial cleaning industry. Consider the use of marketing videos not just for building audience awareness, but also to:

  • Increase your overall reach.
  • Boost your consumer confidence.
  • Build trust among your audience.
  • Educate your market on the services & solutions you provide.
  • Drive sales & revenue.
  • Nurture leads.

As personnel and staff members that are involved with the businesses that could potentially become your clients see, share & engage with your video content, they’ll move down the conversion funnel closer to becoming the clients that you need to drive increased revenue for your organization.

Training Videos for Janitorial Services 

Janitorial services often have high turnover rates that require repeat hiring practices. Businesses that intend to provide one-on-one training in an atmosphere where turnover is high can quickly run low on two of the most valuable resources for a business: time & money.

Training Video Production for Janitorial Services can offer a solution to the lack of time & to the money that it costs to typically bring on and train new employees by providing:

  • Always available & easy to access training that will meet the unique needs of your employees.
  • Increased ability for employees to engage in training on their time.
  • Reduced need for management focused one-on-one training that will save you time.
  • A repeatable training program that has a single, upfront cost that will pay off repeatedly.

Whether you hiring a few employees a year or you find yourself growing and hiring hundreds of new janitors to assist your cleaning crew, training videos are going to help you cut back on total training costs & facilitate easier, more efficient training to your team.

Interview Videos for Janitorial Services 

As you grow your business and increase your digital reputation, customers are going to be looking for proof that they can trust you and your brand. This is incredibly important because as a janitor you are often let to operate inside a commercial business or building after hours when there are no employees or representatives to watch over you. Therefore, your customers must trust that you can go in, get your cleaning & janitorial work done unsupervised, and move on without any hiccups.


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Providing your audience with professionally filmed interview videos that share your experience, expertise, and niche-specific background will help to create a sense of confidence among your community that is essential to closing contracts & generating sales. Expert Video Production for Janitorial Services that includes the creation of interview videos is one of the many ways that you can engage & influence your target market to facilitate growth for your brand. Ask Team Beverly Boy about the many other opportunities that are available to assist you in growing your brand.

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