Top Reasons to Consider Live Event Video Production

Hosting a live event for your business is a huge opportunity to reach your audience with exciting and engaging content. But if you’re not including video as part of your event delivery strategy, you could be missing out on a lot of additional reach for your business. Video is incredibly powerful and important to the success of your marketing campaigns. If you’re thinking about hosting an event for your business, but you’re unsure whether live event video production is really something you need, we offer the top reasons to consider live event video production for your business.

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1. Producing Video Now Can Increase Future Event Attendance

That’s right, the time and effort that you put into producing video content now can greatly impact that future of your events. Consider live event video production now so that you can use the footage that you capture during your event to promote your future events and drive interest in attendance. This way, those who don’t make it to your event this time will see what they missed and have incentive to make sure they attend next time.


2. Reach Audiences that are Unable to Attend in Person

Live event video production services can be used to broadcast your event to a remote audience. This means you have the power to reach audiences that are otherwise unable to attend your event in person for various reasons. You’ll be able to reach those who are located too far away geographically to attend, those who have handicaps or other limitations preventing attendance, and those who could not attend for various other reasons. By delivering a live stream, you can increase your attendance substantially if you could both in-person and online viewers.


3. Target Audiences that Would Not Attend a Live Event

Some people are just introverts and don’t want to be around a crowd of people, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in your event or what’s happening with your business. Hiring a live event video production company to broadcast your event allows you to target dormant members of your audience that would otherwise not have considered attending a physical, in-person event. You could increase your attendance by as much as 50% by providing an online option.


4. Save Your Event Video for Later

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Producing a live event video allows you to capture all the great moments of your live event for use later on in other forms of content or videos. You can archive your event for others to watch later on or for you to use to create additional forms of content for your audience. If you do it right, you could potentially increase revenue opportunities for your brand by keeping your event videos archived and using them in future marketing campaigns.


5. Live Streaming an Event Increases Your ROI

If increasing attendance to your event by as much as 50% is possible by delivering a live stream that allows for online attendance, then monetizing your stream can increase your ROI substantially, too. Consider requiring viewers to pay an “entrance” fee to attend your event online or otherwise delivering revenue building opportunities through your event such as selling merchandise during the broadcast. Live event video production services can help you to generate additional profits off your event in a variety of ways. If you’re not sure what steps to take, give Beverly Boy Productions a call and we’ll guide you through the process.

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