How to Create a Viral Video Campaign

You may dream of creating a viral video campaign for your business that skyrockets sales overnight–don’t we all? Unfortunately, much of what goes into a viral video campaign has zero to do with elements that we have control over and much to do with luck. Some try over and over again to go viral others don’t try at all and find success.

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We can’t help with the luck part, but we show you how to create a viral video campaign strategy with the essential elements that most viral videos have.

Focus on Quality

When considering what makes a video go viral, the most common element is quality. Quality video content that is simply better than anything else available to view is more likely to go viral than poorly created content that blends in with the crowd.

This is not to say that poor quality videos don’t ever go viral, because they do. However, most viral videos are exceptionally well produced with spectacular visual effects a captivating message and an impressive visual offering that viewers simply cannot get enough of.

Connect with a Wide Audience

Some of the most viral videos are those that connect with a wide audience on a deep level. Videos that make the viewer stop and think, “That’s so me!” go viral ALL. THE. TIME.

How can you find the exact balance between what type of content you can create to compel viewers to share and what type of content you can create to emotionally connect with your audience?

Consider pop culture. Pop culture videos that make the audience think about the experiences they have had in the past and relate to the content you share are a recipe for successful creation of viral content.

Do You Love the Work?

As you aim to create a viral video campaign, as yourself, “Do I love this video?” If there is any hesitance or you don’t love it, how can you expect others to? Viral content is loved by many. Not everyone has the ability to produce content that a huge audience will love.

We just have to face the fact that some of us simply don’t have what it takes. But, first and foremost, if you aren’t in love with the content yourself, there’s little chance others will love it!

Listen to Your Team

Remember how important it is to connect with a wide audience in order for your viral video campaign to go viral? Well, listening to your team and allowing them to influence the content that you create can influence the potential for the content to go viral.

Viral video content is often the compilation of listening and learning about others so that you can produce a video that connects with more people on an emotional level. So instead of trying to do it all yourself, listen to your team!

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