How Short Form Video Companies are Growing Social Presence

How Short Form Video Companies are Growing Social Presence

Audiences are consistently consuming content that is shorter and shorter in length. In fact, the average consumer now has an attention span of just 2.7 seconds. Either you capture their attention in this time, or you don’t! Short form video companies represent a new wave of content creation professionals that are helping businesses and brands to grow social media presence by capturing viewer interest in those 2.7 seconds and keeping them engaged in short bursts. This new means of storytelling is helping brands to grow their reach, boost their perceived value, and improve their bottom line. 

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What is Short Form Video Content?

Short form video content is exactly what it sounds like — it’s video content that is delivered in short form. With just 2.7 seconds to capture user interest, video content that is shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram must make a quick and memorable first impression. Marketers have less time than ever before to capture user interest and keep them engaged. Short form video content takes this theory a step further, engaging consumers for a period of 10 seconds up to 3 minutes, delivering the entire story in a very short time.

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Short Form Video Companies Growing Social Presence

So what does all of this have to do with growing social presence for brands? Short form video companies produce a vital service for brands that find the use of shortened video content on social media feeds a vital service that they cannot market without.  As more brands shift away from traditional advertising platforms, short form video companies provide a crucial service that has potential to grab audience attention and boost brand presence in the media spotlight.

Short form video content can be used to grow social presence in the following ways:

  • How-to videos: engage audiences and help consumers to learn more about your brand.
  • Behind the Scenes videos: help consumers build relationships that give insight into how your brand operates. 
  • Interview videos: Boost brand credibility and show your thought leadership.
  • Case Study videos: tell a real-life story and build trust for your brand.

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