How Post Production Sound Services Salvage Poor Audio

How Post Production Sound Services Salvage Poor Audio

All different kinds of problems can arise when you produce video audio. Unfortunately, poor audio is a common problem in video production, especially for amateur film producers or DIY brands that attempt to produce their own video content to share with their audience. Fortunately though, post production sound services are often able to salvage poor audio. All hope is not lost! If you’ve got a film or video project that happens to have awful audio, consider post production sound services to the rescue.

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Issues with Film Audio

Various issues arise in audio production for both amateurs and for professionals. In fact, post production sound services mostly focus on fixing audio issues, and many of these are present in even the most professional grade video production projects.

Common audio issues that can absolutely destroy the value of a film’s sound quality include:

  • Dialog not properly recorded.
  • Environmental noises such as crowds, planes, or trains.
  • Poor dialog capture due to poorly placed microphones.
    Commonly, on set, you’ll hear someone say, “We’ll fix it in post!” Usually this is said as they rush the camera crew on to the next scene in an effort to keep shoot day on schedule. Unfortunately, fixing sound in post isn’t always nearly as “easy” as the production crew makes it seem!

Post Production Sound Services to Fix Audio

Many of the audio issues that arise in production can be manipulated and improved with post production sound services. A great post production sound mixer will often spend time on set to ensure they can appropriately capture the audio they know they’ll need later on so that they can save themselves some time and headache during post production.

Post production sound services may include:

  • Eliminating airplane noise from a track.
  • Removing lavalier mic “brushing” sounds (the sound that comes as a result of the actor’s shirt or other clothing brushing against the mic).
  • Setting dialog so that it aligns appropriately with footage.
  • Balancing the audio so that there are no high or low points.
  • Adjusting SFX audio so that it aligns with video footage and is time properly.

Think post production sound services could salvage your film? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll put our post production sound services to work for your film to bring out the audio quality your project deserves.

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