How Long Should a Crowdfunding Video Be?

A crowdfunding campaign with a video can persuade investors to invest in your project, but if your video is too long, you may lose their interest. Therefore, creating a crowdfunding video that’s just long enough to get your core message across but not so long that you lose interest of potential funders is absolutely necessary. As you try to engage the viewer and get your message out to a wider audience, pay close attention to the overall length of the videos you share. Here’s the answer to your question, “How long should a crowdfunding video be?”

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Ideal Crowdfunding Video Length Depends on Platform

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the role that the platform in which you intend to share your crowdfunding video plays in the overall idea length. Videos that are shared on Twitter or Facebook may be too long for other platforms.

However, if you create a short video, such as a 15 second Instagram clip, you may find that you struggle to compete with others because your video lacks detail.

Optimize to Platforms

Determining the ideal length of your crowdfunding video begins with a definition or plan as to which platform you intend to share the video on. If you’re not sure where you will share the video, or if you are looking for versatility to share on social media, you can take steps to optimize your video content to the lowest ideal length.

Although this option may leave you with a video that is rather short, you could use the short video as a teaser that brings the potential investor to a landing page with a longer, more detailed video. It’s not a foolproof option, but it can work!

Most Crowdfunding Videos are 2 Minutes or Less

The ideal length for a crowdfunding video is generally less than 2 minutes. Most recommend 1-3 minutes as the gauge for which you should plan your crowdfunding video by. Although some platforms will allow your video to be up to 5 minutes, keeping the attention span of potential investors for this amount of time can be extremely difficult.

Ideally, you will get your message across to the viewer in the first 20 to 30 seconds. This way, even if they lose interest, you can rest assured that they know what your product is about.

Keep Viewer Attention

The overall goal of the video will be to pull the viewer in to the campaign details page where you can provide additional information for those who may have an interest in what you have to say.

Statistically, crowdfunding videos that are under 5 minutes are 25% more likely to reach their crowdfunding goals as compared to those that are longer. Keeping the video content short and engaging ensures that the investor can make an informed decision without feeling like they have wasted any time.

When Can a Crowdfunding Video Be Longer than 2 Minutes

In some, rare, cases, a crowdfunding video can be longer than 2 minutes.  We don’t recommend planning a long crowdfunding video unless you have an extraordinary method of keeping potential investors engaged for the prolonged time and it is absolutely necessary to your campaign to have more content in the video to encourage investors to back the campaign.

Even when a longer crowdfunding video is created, the maximum length should not go beyond 3 minutes in most cases.

You may need to extend the length of your video if:

  • Your product has a unique function that is totally new, never before seen, and hard to explain.
  • Your product has complex features that make it highly useful but equally difficult to include in a short video.
  • Your product serves a unique purpose that viewers have never considered before.

Keep it Distinct

It’s natural to believe that your product is different from the next person’s, but when it comes to extending the length of your crowdfunding campaign, make sure that your product is extremely different from what others are offering.

Otherwise, stick to the short and super engaging 2 minute or less content that will make your investors more likely to keep interest and back your product. A longer video can kill your campaign if you’re just wasting investor time.

So, how long should a crowdfunding video be? Probably under 2 minutes, less for some platforms, more in very rare circumstances.

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