Hire a Detroit Talking Head Video Production Company for These Reasons

Talking head videos are often filmed for the purpose of capturing interviews, case studies, customer testimonials, educational series or a variety of other types of content that can be used to draw the attention of a target audience and represent your brand. With the right Detroit talking head video production company you can inspire your audience to connect with your brand on an emotionally compelling level. This is important for increased conversions, greater consumer trust, and to help you set professional goal setting standards for your brand.

Beverly Boy Productions is a professional Detroit talking head video production company that has more than two decades in the industry. Much of our work has been in the production of corporate marketing videos, including talking head video projects. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of reasons that we think you could benefit from hiring a talking head video production company, like ours, for your Detroit business. 

While there are potentially endless reasons that you might decide to hire a professional producer in your area, these are some of the top reasons that our clients mention when hiring us to produce a talking head video for them.

Creating Content that Connects Face-to-Face with the Target Audience

First, and foremost, our clients often mention how important they realize it is to be face to face with their clients, but this isn’t always easy to do when running a business. You can’t just stop what you’re doing and go out to interact with clients around town, but talking head videos can put your face in front of your audience in a way that shows who you are and what your brand is passionate about. 

Confidence Building Content for a Local Audience & Those that are Far Away

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As a Detroit area business owner, it’s only natural to have a desire to stay locally true to your audience, but you have the right to branch out, too. With talking head videos, you can produce confidence building content for your local audience, and by sharing the content on your website, in your email campaigns, and via social media, you’ll reach an audience that is much larger, and wider, too.

By putting a face to your brand, the business becomes more humanized, and people become more likely to have confidence in your brand. With the right storytelling help from a Detroit talking head video production company, you can share the details of how your brand came about and the solutions that you provide to consumers which will make your audience feel strongly understood by you and your business.

Professionally Elevated Interview Videos Filmed with Expert Equipment

Working with a Detroit talking head video production company means you’ll have the luxury of providing your audience with professionally elevated interview videos. While you might not initially think that your audience can tell the difference between a video that has been filmed on an iPhone or similar device versus one that has been filmed with expert equipment, when you see the difference side by side, you’ll be quick to understand the value in professional production.

The content you distribute to your audience needs to be directly competitive with other businesses and brands that are in your industry. This means working closely with a professional team to produce expert quality videos that stand out in the mix. Working with a Detroit talking head video production company, like Beverly Boy Productions, is just what you need to make this happen.

Cinematic Storytelling that Sets Your Brand Apart

Filming your talking head videos in Detroit is certainly something that will set your brand apart. There is a wealth of opportunity in the city, and a plethora of locations that are the perfect backdrop for a professional film shoot. From the Arts district to the museums of Motor City, the city does not disappoint! 

Working closely with expert filmmakers in Detroit, cinematic storytelling and commercial grade production equipment comes together to produce talking head projects that set your brand apart. From beginning to end, you’ll be satisfied with your decision to hire a Detroit talking head video production company if not for the ease of interaction with a local  brand, for the professional skill set, the expert knowledge, cinematic equipment, and local knowledge of the city which combine to create the ideal relationship between production crew and business.

To learn more about filming your talking head video, or to hire our Detroit talking head video production company for your project, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We look forward to working with you in Motor City.

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