Are Post Production Sound Mixing Services Really Necessary?

Are Post Production Sound Mixing Services Really Necessary?

Post production sound mixing services represent the finishing steps in post production audio that bring the sound of the film together for a cohesive mix. If you’re thinking you can forego post production sound mixing, and that the services of a post production mixer are not required, think again! Without this very technical position in the finishing stages of post production, your film will likely miss the mark in terms of audio value. The post production sound mixer is responsible for bringing it all in — and you’ll certainly know the difference between a film that utilized this vital service — or didn’t.

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What is Post Production Sound Mixing?

Post production sound mixing is the process of mixing all of the sound elements of a film into a cohesive file that makes sense and sounds good. Depending on your film, this may include mixing various SFX and Foley sound as well as incorporating in any custom or purchased music. The post production sound mixer will make sure that all of the sound is free from outside static or noise and has a crisp, clear tone.

But post production sound mixing doesn’t end with bringing each of these sound files together. The process also involves balancing the dialogue range to ensure the sound is balanced. Have you ever heard a commercial that had portions of the dialogue much louder than other portions? Perhaps the background music was too pronounced and the actors were hard to hear? This is the result of poor post production sound mixing services!

Post Production Sound Mixing Services Explained

Music Mixers

The process for post production sound mixing varies slightly by production company or sound editor. Overall, the post production sound mixer will begin working on the project by watching the picture lock. This way they can begin to formulate a plan for their next steps and the amount of work that is to be completed. The mixer is also thinking about what they’ll need to do with the sound at this time.

Don’t be surprised if the post production sound mixer asks you questions about your projects and/or requires additional communication time with your Director or Producer too. They’ll get a solid feel for the film and the sound needs so that they can get to work organizing and editing dialog clips and music tracks. 

Next Steps in Post Production Sound Mixing

Once you’ve made it to this point, the post production sound mixing services that your film requires should be well under way. In the finishing steps of sound mixing, the professional will edit out noise, mix in the music and foley sounds, add in special effects sounds, and perform any automatic dialogue replacement, and ultimately call it complete.

Are post production sound mixing services really necessary though? ABSOLUTELY! If you don’t want to hear that camera rubbing on your actor’s clothes. If you don’t want to hear the air conditioner buzz on in the background. If you want your special effects sounds to align just right with your footage. If you want footsteps to sound when someone comes creeping along the path of your screen and you want them to gradually become less noticeable as the individual disappears from the scene.  You need post production sound mixing services. 

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Need to learn more about post production sound mixing services to understand the next steps and whether you need this phase of post production in your life? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call  today! We’ll show you what’s next!

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