Location Sound Mixer

Need a location sound mixer? We can help. At Beverly Boy Productions, our skilled mixer takes care of everything, from the recording and balancing of audio in the production phase of a project. Our field sound mixer will decide which kind of gear is necessary, whether an ENG microphone, IFB coms, field mixer or preamp are needed. We always make sure to work with top gear, such as Sennheiser, AKG, Neuman, Shure, Rode, or Zoom. We also check out the client’s desired location to take stock of the sound issues that could arise during the project.  Our location sound mixer often knows when a location will have a lot of wind or nearby traffic noise will be too much for the video’s audio. They also stay aware of what is going on with the audio team as a whole to ensure that the audio’s quality is exactly what it should be. 

Audio Technician

Working hand-in-hand with our video team, audio technicians at Beverly Boy Productions handle the setup of all the sound gear used for each project.  Whether gearing up to film interviews with an Audio-Technica AT898cH or a Senal AWS-2000, they have it under wraps. This means that they also handle everything from replacing faulty equipment should things go awry during the production phase and help to ensure that a recording session stays on course by taking care of minor issues along the way. Our talented technicians know everything from when a wireless lavalier could work best or when a boom michrophone is needed for the project. Because we want to provide our clients with the best results possible, our audio technician will always make sure to use the right gear for each project and the vision that you have in mind. 

Audio Engineer

Because a video isn’t only made up of visuals, sound is so important. This is especially true if you’re trying to capture an important speech or interview where what’s being said is everything to the project. This is when an audio engineer can work their magic. At Beverly Boy Productions, we have skilled sound engineers with years on the job. Our engineer can do things like mix audio, work with sound levels, as well as work on equalization, audio playback, and the electronic side of things. Basically, our team of engineers are the ones who will ensure the audio is up-to-standard before your video is shared. They can fix up almost anything by working their expert magic as only they know how. Whether you want music in your video or simply want an interview to be heard, you can always rely on our expert engineers for what you need.

Sound Man

Every single project that we work on will have a sound man. This is because we know just how important audio can be for a quality video. While visuals are key to a successful video project, a high-end video with poor quality audio isn’t going to have the impact you need. Your message needs to be shared and for this to happen, the sound has to be up-to-standard. When you work with Beverly Boy Productions, you can trust that our sound technician will be on top of the gear, microphone details (including when a boom microphone is needed) location input, and our A1/A2 will always stay on top of sound in live events. Our sound guy takes their responsibility seriously, as we know that great audio means great video and we’ll always deliver the best sound possible—no matter what. With both the technical expertise and artistic creativity, you can expect the best from everyone on our audio crew, from engineers, to location sound mixer and technician, at Team Beverly Boy.

Location Sound Mixer


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    We know just how important audio is to your project. That's why we guarantee top of the line service and equipment. If you’re looking to get started finding a location sound mixer, feel free to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!



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