A Simple Guide to Video Production Processes

A Simple Guide to Video Production Processes 

Video production processes can vary in scope based on the type or size of project that you work on. If you’re not familiar with the process of video production, you may be initially looking at a signature of work thinking “what does this even mean?” Video production is about more than just hitting the play button and going for it. 

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The process of creating a fully conceptualized video that enters each phase of production, pre-production, production and post-production is a major undertaking. Here’s what you can expect to take place at each stage of the video production process.

Pre-Production: Stage 1 of the Video Production Process 

During stage 1 of the video production process you can expect the basic building blocks of the production to be set. This is where you will work with the producer to define the goals and to build out the strategy for your video content.

A project timeline will be defined and the budget will be set. You will hire a production team and work out any equipment needs during the pre-production process as well. If you intend to shoot on location, this will be the time for scouting the location to take place.

Following pre-production the first stage of the video production process is complete. The next big stage is actually building out the content that will make up your video.

Production: Stage 2 of the Video Production Process

During production your video content is built. Production involves the actual shooting of footage. Here your production team will set up the sound and lighting for the video capture.

If you’re building a small project, this may be as simple as entering a studio where sound and lighting are already set. If you’re on location, setting up sound and lighting gets a bit more detailed.

During production interviews are conducted, footage is captured and everything visual that must be on film is produced. This includes capture b-roll footage (the additional footage that will be used to provide value or visual appeal to your content).

During this stage of the video production process your crew will also perform any recording voiceovers as needed to ensure all sound is prepared and ready to enter the next big stage of video production process which is post-production.

Post-Production: Stage 3 of the Video Production Process 

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During post-production all interviews and footage that was captured in production is logged and organized for editing purposes. The producer has finalized footage and sends it to the editing team.

Post production editing includes selecting the music that will be used in the background as well as adding in any additional supporting graphics or visual aids above and beyond what was filmed. This is also where the video footage that was captured will not be edited.

Be Prepared

Post production editing can take the bulk of the time in terms of producing a project. Be prepared for extended reviews and approvals in order to ensure final delivery of your content is exactly what you want.

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