5 Video Marketing Tactics Only the Pros Use

5 Video Marketing Tactics Only the Pros Use

Professional video marketing is a growing trend especially as more consumers seek videos online. If you’re new to video marketing and looking for tactics to help you grow your brand, consider the various ways that you can use videos to engage an audience and train them to understand your brand. Follow along with these video marketing tactics that the pros use and then put them to use for your own business.

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1  Local Directory Videos

Want to rank locally? Create local videos that you can share on local directory listings to get your brand ranked for the local listings. Google My Business, Yelp, The Yellow Pages and several other local directories allow you to share video content relative to your brand. Consider producing local videos that show what your brand is made of.

2  Facebook Ad Videos

If you’re not using Facebook ads to share video content, you’re potentially missing out on some of the cheapest paid traffic you can get. Facebook video ads convert much higher for many brands than Google ads or similar forms of content. Create Facebook video ads and share them with a slight boosted budget for ultimate marketing growth.

3  YouTube Video Channels

The pros know that video marketing takes place on Youtube! If you don’t already have a Youtube channel, you need to start there. Channels should be optimized with playlists that are broken down by topic relative to your brand. As an added bonus that the pros know, Youtube videos are included in the Google Search Engine Results Pages so the more optimized youtube videos you have, the greater your chances of ranking your business is in Google.

4  Case Studies & Knowledge

Sharing case studies and your brand knowledge is a way to boost following from consumers. Video marketing tactics like this are only recognized by top pros because they take time and commitment to achieve but they are super effective. If you want to prove to others that you know what you’re talking about, you need to create case studies and market your brand as an industry knowledge leader — period.

5  Videos with a Voice

What’s your brand voice? Your videos should include your brand voice. For businesses, branded videos that include your voice will help your business grow. Video marketing that includes a focus on how your brand works and operates will help consumers to connect to you. Keep your brand voice front and center in your videos, connect with consumers, and grow your brand — it’s a winning strategy.

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