5 Tips for Using Video in Sales to Close the Deal

5 Tips for Using Video in Sales to Close the Deal

The use of video in sales is a growing trend. COVID-19 has changed the way sales teams work and much of the selling process is now expected to be handled remotely or without contact. As such, now more than ever, sales teams need to focus on how they can be using video in sales to help them close more deals. For businesses that have incorporated video into their selling tactics the right way, up to 75% higher late-stage sales are closed following delivery of a personalized video. 

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What would you do if 75% or your late funnel leads turned into sales?

The addition of personalized video can increase your profits if you start using video in sales the right way. Here’s what you need to do.

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1 Reiterate Important Selling Points & Close the Loop

Are you at a point with a potential customer in which you know if you could just get them to fully understand these last few major selling points, the deal would be done? Using video in sales to close the loop is a tactic that could work well for you. All you have to do is create short, easy to follow videos that reiterate some of the most important selling points associated with your product or service. Help the consumer see the value in your product or service. This way they think it’s really a no brainer — they NEED your product or service.

2 Stay Connected in a Socially Distant World

Using video in sales is a great way to remain connected with your prospective customers despite social distancing protocols set in place by the CDC and various local governments. You could get super personalized with these and create individual connection videos for each prospect (and this is recommended if you’re selling a high ticket item or service that requires a substantial investment of $20K or more. However, for most sales, staying connected is as simple as sharing an occasional well-crafted follow-up video email that reminds them of the product or service you offer and why it’s a must for them.

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3 Follow up on Communications that were Missed

Did you have a planned meeting or phone call with a prospective client? Instead of sending an email and saying, “Hey what happened?” Or “Hey, sorry we missed you.” How about sending them a brief greeting video that reminds them that an appointment or meeting of some sort was missed, accepts that we’re all very busy, and provides an interactive link to your calendar to reschedule for another time. Remember, emails that include a video are 85% more likely to be opened, so using video in sales followups by email is ideal.

4 Keep Videos Short & to the Point

Always remember that when you’re using video in sales you’re trying to appease your potential customer, not run them off. Keep these videos short and to the point. Don’t drag the customer down by sending them videos that are long winded or useless to the customer. You don’t need to say everything that was missed in a video. Pick out some important points that will help the buyer maintain interest in your product or service and leave the rest for your next conversation.

5 Always Include a Clear CTA

A clearly defined call-to-action for your video is absolutely vital. As you look for more ways of using video in sales, always focus on the end CTA that you expect from the buyer. What is it that you intend for the buyer to do after seeing the video? Whether it’s calling you back for an appointment or coming back to your website to finalized their shopping cart, make sure that you’re telling them what you expect with the video call-to-action that you plug towards the end of your content. This way they know the next step that is intended of them.

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