5 Tips for Creating Successful Branded Videos

5 Tips for Creating Successful Branded Videos 

Branded videos are a growing trend that big businesses are well aware of. If you’re not already on board with branded video content, you’re missing the mark and your consumers know it! In fact, branded video content represents that most sought after form of content that consumers expect from the brands they know and trust. Whether you’re new to branded videos, or you’ve embarked on the branded content journey before, follow these 5 tips for creating successful branded videos that your audience will love and adore. 

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1. Tell a Unique Story 

You can’t just say, “I’m going to create branded videos.” And expect that the traffic figures and conversion stats will just magically rise in your favor. It doesn’t work that way. However, you can tell a unique story that will differentiate your brand from the rest and connect consumers with your journey — and that will result in the conversions that you’re looking for. When creating branded videos, begin with an engaging narrative and a story that you know consumers will WANT to pay attention to and CAN relate to. Help your audience learn to care about your products or services the way you do. 

2. Humanize Your Brand 

Branded videos that use human characters are more likely to connect with your audience than those that lack the human connection. In fact, you should always include human characters in your branded videos if you wish to have consumers connect with you and care. Videos that represent human triumphs, struggles, emotions and personality traits are more likely to evoke the sense of connection and one-on-one behavior that you’re looking for. When you tell a story from a human character, the audience is more likely to feel connected and empathetic toward the character. 

3. Avoid Talking Heads 

Nothing kills branded videos more quickly than a lack of engagement and character. While we want you to use a human character in your branded videos, we don’t want to see the character talking on and on with little other meaning. Nothing kills the story line more quickly than a rambling talking head that fills the consumer’s ears with more technical jargon than anything else. Instead, use your character to show your audience what they need to see, why they need to see it, and what’s so great about it. Engage with your audience. 

4. Avoid Cutting Corners in Production 

While you might think you can save money on production when it comes to creating branded videos, nothing states “I don’t care” more loudly to your audience than poorly filmed branded videos. It’s important for you to recognize the value in quality video content and the impact that production quality will have on your end consumers. Hire professional branded video creators like Beverly Boy Productions to see the most value from your branded videos. You will NOT be disappointed! 

5. Don’t Forget the Entertainment 

Videos are always entertaining, right? WRONG! The biggest mistake companies make when producing branded videos is to think that just because they put their boring run of the mill content into a video it will not be “unboring” “exciting” and no longer, “Run of the mill.” You can’t just put content into video form and call it engaging and entertaining! You need entertainment! You’ve got about 2 seconds to capture the attention of your audience — make it count!

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