5 Personalized Video Production Tips for Business Owners

5 Personalized Video Production Tips for Business Owners 

Personalized video production is a powerful method of capturing audience attention that many small business owners are just now dipping into. In fact, if you’re never ventured into the art of personalized video production before, chances are you have many questions and concerns. Follow these 5 personalized video production tips for business owners to get the most out of your video content and its ability to boost conversions and generate trust in your brand. 

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1. Use Traditional Personalization 

What is traditional personalization? Videos that are traditionally personalized will go back to classic traditions that people understand as tried and true. For example, you may be trying to boost understanding or recognition of your brand name. So you produce a personalized video that includes traditional use of your name shown a writing in the sky produced by a plane. The personalization is something that stands out and is accepted by the viewer. 

2. Use Real-Time Personalization 

Personalized video production that includes real-time personalization of your brand can help consumers feel more immediately connected to your services. Don’t send these out in a large email blast. Instead, use real time personalized videos to send to customers that have already voiced interest in your brand. These videos offer immediate access to a sale or special offer to those who have a certain cookie or have met a certain need for your brand. The offer is personalized, in real-time, for the viewer. 

3. Include Personalized Video in Emails 

Emails have the power to increase your ability to sell products and services. Emails with video are up to 80% more likely to be opened. Personalized video production that focuses on offering special products, services, or details about your brand to people via email can boost your open rate and your conversions. Consider personalizing your email lists and further personalizing your invites so that you can create personalized videos for these specific verticals. 

4. Personalize Customer Service Videos 

Brands that use personalized video production to reach their customers and make them happy have seen increased conversions and higher satisfaction among customers. Personalizing your customer service 

videos represents a way of keeping customers happy. Consider offering product release announcements or personalized subscription renewal reminders to consumers. You might also include specially personalized holiday videos for past customers to boost conversions for your brand. 

5. Follow Personalization Guidelines 

When you’re creating personalized video for your customers, make sure that you’re using personalization guidelines to keep your content as personalized and close to the consumer connection as possible. This includes weaving in details about your customer into the video, showing the consumer that you care about them, and offering internal insight within the content that only a personalized video could provide. If you’re not focusing on personalized video production all the way through to the end, you could be missing the mark on engaging your customer. 

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