10 Wonderful Tips for Shooting Video in Nashville

10 Wonderful Tips for Shooting Video in Nashville

The city of Nashville is a robust area with plenty of see and do. You’ll enjoy music and food and tradition while visiting Nashville. The town is culturally robust and there is an exceptional backdrop of scenery like no other city in the country. Nashville is Music City, and for good cause. But before you visit to shoot video here in Nashville, make sure you check out these 10 wonderful tips. 

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#10. – The 20 Minute City 

We used to call Nashville the 10 minute city, because when you’re in the city you’re basically close to everything. But there is a slightly higher population now. So prepare for 20 or 30 minutes to get just about anywhere in town. 

#9. — Access is A Breeze 

You’ll find that you can access most areas of Nashville rather easily. State owned buildings are generally free to access as are many; locally owned parks and recreation areas. If you want to shoot in any of these state owned facilities, make sure you have a film permit from the Film commission. They’ll help you coordinate. 

#8. — History 

You’ll find plentiful history in Nashville and this lends to ample opportunity for b-roll shots. Consider capturing b-roll in Music Row, along the Honky Tonks, or at the Grand Ole’ Opry. Plenty of Country Music Fame and Fortune can become the backdrop of your shoot. 

#7. — Tradition 

Nashville is filled with tradition. Entertainment memories of Elvis Presley can be found throughout the city as well as legacy models for Rock n Roll, Dolly Parton, and Bluegrass. 

#6. — Take Skyline Shots 

You’ll get the best that Nashville has to offer if you capture skyline shots of the city. A couple of vantage points include parking garages on the West End as well as Shelby Street Walking Bridge

#5. — Aerial Footage 

You’ll find great opportunities in Nashville for aerial footage. Capture the rural area of the city or the urban zones. It doesn’t matter–both will please. Just make sure you check with the FAA for approval before you shoot aerial footage from a drone or other aerial device. 

#4. – Smoky Mountains 

Need we say more? The Great Smoky Mountains represent a natural backdrop that is ideal for just about any video shoot. Discuss appropriate permitting with the National Park Service before entering. 

#3. – Beware of Tornado’s 

Nashville is a beautiful city and most of the time the weather isn’t bad. Occasionally you’ll find a tornado that jeopardizes the comfort of the relaxed environment of the town. Just be prepared. 

#2. — Shoot the Tennessee State Prison, For Free 

You don’t have to pay for video shoots in the Tennessee State Prison and believe it or not, it’s one of the most popular spots for a free shoot. Architecturally the prison is gorgeous and you’ll find it a great backdrop for a music video or feature film. 

#1. — Visit the Falls 

Although you’ll have to travel slightly outside of Nashville in order to see the falls, it’s worth it. Shooting video at the falls is like no other. Prepare to hike to the area and enjoy the water. Falls are found in Burgess State Park as well as various other local parks just outside of the Nashville city center. 

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