Video Production for the Event Photography Industry

Event photography is a subsidy or sister industry to a larger market of photography in the United States which makes up a $10 billion dollar market in all. While event photographers struggled deeply during COVID-19 when government closures of many event venues would result in significant revenue loss, the industry appears to be gaining back some traction and marginal growth is anticipated over the next few years. Video Production for the Event Photography Industry is largely centered around the promotion of event photography services and on building audience interest in a particular event photography brand.

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Experts will tell you that video has the power to boost profits & sales, to increase leads, and to maximize conversions. For event photographers, video marketing is an essential aspect of drawing in prospective clients and generating leads that will ultimately lead to booked corporate events, athletic events,  music events & concerts, weddings, or a variety of other engaging opportunities in which their services are sought by the event organizer or individuals responsible for the event coordination.

Beverly Boy Productions offers a wide range of expert video production services that are aimed at helping event photography providers to achieve wide reach, to boost consumer interaction, to drive up leads & to increase bookings that will draw in revenue from photography sales. Each of our video products is geared at helping you achieve success with your event photography business online, offline, and anywhere you feel like you should be promoting your services to the target market.

Promotional Videos for the Event Photography Industry

Promotional Video Production for the Event Photography Industry is important to generating audience awareness and to drawing consumer interest in the event photography services that are offered by your business or brand. Short, powerful promotional videos are vital to social media marketing where they can be used to generate up to 1200% more shares than static photos alone.

In fact, promotional videos will:

  • Showcase the key storytelling elements of an event photographer in a visual manner that will generate hype & increase appointment bookings.
  • Boost email click-through-rates up to 300% over non-video media products.
  • Increase conversions on landing pages by 80% or more over non-video.
  • Increase website rankings & organic reach resulting in up to 157% higher traffic.

If you’re trying to grow your audience, increase reach online via social media or organic actions, or you’re trying to promote your services, the use of promotional videos for your event photography campaigns can have significant benefits for your business.

Marketing Videos for the Event Photography Industry

Competing for market share is tough, but as an event photographer, your decision to incorporate marketing videos into your existing campaigns as well as to include them in any new campaigns you introduce to your target market can have an exponential impact on the success of your business. In fact, marketing your event photography business with video can help you to achieve up to 49% faster revenue growth when compared to non-video photographers of similar stature.

Consumers are spending up to 16 hours engaging in video online every week. Photographers that choose to incorporate video into their campaigns are going to achieve more consistent leads, more effective engagement, and higher revenue growth than those that wait for their non-video assets to help them achieve their goals.

Training Videos for the Event Photography Industry

Training videos can provide the necessary support for newly hired employees to get to know how to perform their jobs effectively & efficiently within your organization. Whether you hire a few employees a year, several a month, or multiple employees are hired each week, the steps you take upfront to ensure ease of access to training will help you to achieve several goals.

These  goals include:

  • Reduced employee turnover.
  • Increased employee satisfaction.
  • Stronger employee understanding of responsibilities.
  • Improved employee interaction.

Training videos can provide the key insight your employees need to feel confident & comfortable performing their responsibilities for your event photography business.

Providing training with video is going to:

  • Reduce employee training time.
  • Improve training outcome.
  • Save you time & money on training expenses.
  • Make complex training concepts easier to understand.
  • Maximize employee understanding of training content.

Because training is on video, your team will recall up to 95% of your message compared to less than 10% of what they might read in a manual. No other form of training provides such a flexible, convenient, and easy to follow option compared to a training video!

Interview Videos for the Event Photography Industry

Engaging your audience so that they can achieve a sense of trust in your photography business is an important aspect of the marketing process, but it may seem a bit of a challenge if you’re unprepared. Professional interview Video Production for the Event Photography Industry is a great way to establish a strong sense of trust with your audience while proving to them the experience you have and creating a more credible engagement between you and your target market.


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Ask Team Beverly Boy about expert interview Video Production for the Event Photography Industry and the benefits that sharing interview videos with your target market can have on your business. We look forward to helping you achieve your advertising & promotional goals!

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