Video Production for the Gym, Health & Fitness Club in Austin

In need of specialists in Video Production for Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs in Austin? Beverly Boy Productions is set and ready to create quality videos for your Gym, health, and fitness clubs. The fitness industry in the U.S produces $35 billion and consists of over 100,000 businesses. In this era of COVID-19, individuals are finding it important to stay healthy and fit. It’s therefore important for fitness clubs to devise marketing campaigns that will grow their brand recognition and increase sign-ups to their fitness facilities. As one of those 100,000 businesses, highlighting the unique features that will make gym goers want to visit your fitness facility is crucial in keeping the fitness club running. Video Production for the Gym, Health & Fitness Club in Austin can showcase fitness journeys of your clients, encourage others to share their stories, and these efforts will bring in more attention to your fitness centers.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we will ensure you have excellent video marketing tools that will showcase your gym and fitness facility to a wider audience. Some of the videos we can collaborate to produce are promotional videos, interview videos, and training videos. These videos are essential in the fitness industry to help companies become creative at how they attract potential gym goers and maintain good relationships with current members. To achieve these results, work with Team Beverly Boy to come up with first-rate video marketing tools that will inform and educate your target audience about your fitness club, making it easy for people to access and use your facilities to attain their personal fitness goals. Our services are also available in neighboring cities like Jollyville, Anderson Mill, Pflugerville, and Lakeway.

Promotional Videos for the Gym, Health & Fitness Club Industry

Video marketing can help you familiarize potential clients with your fitness club. At the same time, it allows you to share your training principles with current clients to encourage customers to return. Promotional Video Production for the Gym, Health & Fitness Club in Austin allows for a targeted approach to promote the gym and fitness facility to get tangible results. These promo videos can be distributed on YouTube, television, email, and social media pages.


Video marketing is proving to be the future of business advertisement, it is therefore important that the fitness industry is not left behind. To make video marketing successful, fitness clubs should circulate creative videos on the internet. Using a short, high-quality video on your social media feeds can increase your reach and engagement online, making more individuals inquire about your membership options. Whether you want to list your latest gym equipment, the services offered at your gym, or a fitness program that your health coaches offer to prospective clients, promotional videos can help you in this way and more. Contact us if you also need our video services in surrounding cities like Caldwell County, Hays County,  Blanco County, and Burnet County.

Marketing Videos for the Gym, Health & Fitness Club Industry

When over 82% of the internet consists of video content, and old struggles like attracting and retaining members are still a concern, Video Production for Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs in Austin is an important service that will help you to efficiently market your club to a large group of people in the most successful way possible; that is the power of video marketing. This form of marketing employs tactics that will allow you to provide helpful content to boost your membership outreach campaigns.

Video marketing is therefore a must-have strategy, whether you’re a personal trainer or a health coach.

Illustrated below are some benefits of video marketing:

• Spreading the word about your business, brand, products, or services
• Establishing your business as an authority in the gym, health, and fitness club industry
• Increasing brand authenticity, building trust and credibility with clients
• Influencing buying decisions (90% of customers say a video helps them make a buying decision, according to Forbes)

Video marketing for gyms impacts clients who come to your gym after seeing your videos on your social media pages and websites. It is better to have potential clients match your ads with the experience in the gym. If you want to extend your quality of fitness services to more people, you need the best team that can create the perfect mix of great shots that will tell the perfect story about your facility.

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Training Videos for the Gym, Health & Fitness Club Industry

A fitness club that facilitates training fitness instructors or dietitians will efficiently transform itself while enabling the facility to remain competitive in the fitness industry. Traditional in-person training programs have challenges that come with it and to overcome this, a brand should employ personalized training videos. On top of that, by implementing the use of training videos, gym owners are able to come up with proper training that has a positive effect on the staff.

Additionally, training videos:

• Have a higher overall employee watch rate; employees are 75% more likely to engage in video training than they would with manual training
• Have greater flexibility; an estimated 42% of employees prefer the flexibility of video over other forms of communication and training, such as scheduled in-person training or written manuals
• Have a higher retention rate; people recall upwards of 90% of what they see in a video compared to about 20% of what they read
• Will make employee training more effective while reducing training costs; each video can be used over and over again, and improved comprehension makes videos 83% more effective

Training videos will increase the commitment and personal confidence of health and fitness professionals, making them feel valued and appreciated. Talk to us today if you need professional video services in 73301, 78652, 78708, 73344, or 78660.

Providing Video Production for Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs in Austin for the following:

• Cycling Studios
• Group Exercise Studios
• 24 Hour Clubs
• Personal Training Studios
• Fitness Management Firms
• Racquet Clubs and Fitness Centers

Interview Videos for the Gym, Health & Fitness Club Industry

Interview videos help to tell the story of your fitness club in a personalized way. Consider expert interviews; these videos can share insight from your professional personal trainers and experts in the health and fitness field. Other types of interview videos include customer interviews. These videos can give testimonials of existing clients who have achieved substantial results after joining your health and fitness company. Expert and customer interviews have an impact on viewers who desire to join a fitness club with a sense of community.

Gordon Garreau, Producer at Beverly Boy Productions

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Video production will help you create videos that work best for your gym, health, and fitness club. Marketing videos also offer a competitive advantage to brands that implement video in their training materials. Also, they can be used to attract bloggers to visit your gym; a way to attract secondary marketing of your fitness club. Video Production for Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs in Austin will help to optimize your marketing goals and personalize your customer experience. Give us a call today if you need help in designing the ultimate marketing videos for your fitness facility.

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