Top Toronto Video Production Insights 2018 – Happening Film Trends


The video trends that are happening in 2018 are changing the game on how businesses utilize video to reach their viewers. Last year, roughly 61% of companies used video in their marketing ideas, and that number is now more than 80%. This 20 percent increase in just one year means that hiring a Top Toronto video production company to help you produce a video campaign is essential to keeping you in the game. When you are thinking about the Toronto video production agency to hire, check out the insights we have on the trends happening now to determine if you’d like to incorporate any into your next film, and make sure the company you hire can make those happen for you.


Tailor Your Video Production To Engage Your Customer


Personalizing video content to your consumers doesn’t have to be expensive or even time consuming, thanks to technology today. If you think you’d like to make personalized films for your audience, you will want to hire a video producer that knows website video production so that the film and personalization match up. The way this works is that a full service Toronto video production company will work with you to produce an exciting film campaign that will be placed on your website. When your customers go to the site, they will input their information into a form or app, then the video production will include this info in the film, making it seem as if you have tailored the film to your consumer, which directly speaks to them. We are here to help you make this trend perfect for your company, and we serve the entire South Ontario area, including Paris, Stratford, Fergus, and Port Hope.


Go With A Video Production Studio That Does Short Films


Longer films for corporate campaigns are a thing of the past. Today, Toronto video marketing companies are jumping on the trend of creating smaller films that build a storyline as they also deliver your campaign to your audience. In 2018, consumers gravitate toward quick and easy access and information, and that is what smaller, shorter films offer. You can run a popular business in Mississauga, or an advertising agency in Lake Shore Road on Lake Ontario, but to create a solid video campaign for your business, you need to hire a production company that has proven they know digital marketing in South Ontario, because these shorter films are most often placed in online platforms, and digital marketing assists with making that work. You will also want to hire a video production studio who specializes in short films because a  video company may not be able to handle all that goes along with a series of films. A full service video production studio will provide you with everything you need to make these films cohesive and consistent.


Utilize Hybrid Video Production Services in Toronto


It is important to make sure your consumers are entertained and interested in your film, of course, but you also want to give them something that makes them want to see more. To do this, you can utilize Hybrid video production services. Hybrid video production combines live events with video components. Since live streams are becoming more popular, having a Top Toronto video production company that knows live streaming and webcasting is important, but you also need a knowledgeable production house that can create video elements, such as a call to action chyron or lower third, and place them seamlessly within the livestream, or a company that can do webcast streaming and also create a lower-third graphic inset that gives consumers needed info without disrupting the webcast.


Work With Film Production Companies Who Produce Micro-Films


Today’s consumer has a very busy lifestyle, so videos that play on a social media feed and last 30 seconds or less are extremely valuable to them. These films, known as microfilms, give consumers information and entertainment, quickly, without ever needing to depart from their favorite sites. Hiring Toronto film production companies that can produce micro films is important to utilize this trend, and film production companies in Toronto that know the ins and outs of social media sites is also going to be important, because that is where most micro films are viewed. When you work with a creative agency that understands the easy marketing value of micro films, you will be able to create a strong video marketing campaign that will make your company stand out in 2018.


Pick Your Toronto Production Company For Live Streaming And Video

One of the latest trends is one you have no doubt seen- “Live” videos. In 2018, companies are setting themselves apart from other corporations by using live video features to reach their consumers in real time. No, not all are doing a live video using a phone, although some do. Others, though, hire a Toronto production company that can handle live interviews and streaming. The production company will set up the live feed of you interviewing a staff member or simply speaking directly to your audience. Whatever material you think your audience would love to see is appropriate for a live feed, and consumers enjoy live videos because it gives them a glimpse into what your company is all about. Hiring a Top Toronto video production company that is close to you is wise, because they can be available for live interviews when you want to do them.


Pick A Toronto Video Production Agency That Knows Blogging


Have you given any thought to having a company blog? You should! Companies who keep an updated blog have a larger following than corporations who don’t have one. If you do have one, you can jazz it up with short films made for blog posts!  You can work with a Toronto video production agency that knows blogging and film make a great combo. In fact, may of the top production companies in Toronto are already tackling this combo, because they know there is great value in it. A skilled video production agency can place any informational or exciting video within your blog, which gives consumers what they they want- information and entertainment in one place!

Selecting a Top Toronto Video Production Company for Your Company

When selecting the Top Toronto video production company for your next corporate film production, looking for “production companies near me” isn’t going to cut it. Hiring a company that understands corporate videos and the latest trends that are making them better is the best way to reach more consumers. Beverly Boy Productions stays up-to-date on the latest trends, and we have over a decade of experience with corporate film. We know we can help you stay at the top by producing creative films that includes some of the latest trends in the film industry.

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