Top Tallahassee video production insights 2018 – Trends For Your Next Production


The film industry is seeing a lot of big changes in 2018 and these changes are going to help you tell your story through a corporate film campaign like never before. Last year, around 61 percent of companies had a corporate video campaign, but that number is over 80 percent this year, meaning that you need to make an investment in your brand and hire a Top Tallahassee video production company to help you produce a professional video campaign that can breathe new life into your company. When you are looking for the best Tallahassee video production agency for your campaign, keep in mind the trends that you can now utilize and make sure the company you are interviewing can handle them.


Getting Personal With Your Video Production


Personalizing video productions is one of the hottest trends, today, and you can do this easily when you hire a full-service Tallahassee video production company that can create top-rated video content that you can place on your website. A consumer can enter their information into an app that has been created for your company, or on your website, and the video content is changed, using that data, to make it seem as if the film has been personalized for the consumer. When you have this type of video production, customers feel like you are speaking directly to them. If you believe this is a service that your business could benefit from, hire a video producer that is familiar with website video production so that it is done properly. We are here to assist, serving all of North Florida, including Quincy, Havana, Wakulla Springs, and Woodville.


Work With A Video Production Studio To Build a Storyline Your Consumers Will Enjoy


It used to be standard practice for Tallahassee video marketing companies to make one film that held all of the information for your campaign. In 2018, the trend is to tell a better story through shorter films lasting 30 seconds to under 2 minutes, and then share these films on various platforms at once. No matter if you own a business in Leon County, or an advertising agency on East Tennessee Street near FSU, working with a production crew that knows digital marketing in North Florida is important to creating a campaign with shorter films. You can reach more people than you thought possible with these films, and they can be made to fully engage your consumers, giving them something they will enjoy. Hiring a video production studio who can create short films is essential if you want to use this trend for your company, because a video company won’t have everything you need to make these films seamless unless they also run a full service video production studio.


Providing Hybrid Video Production Services in Tallahassee


An easy way to engage and wow your customers is with hybrid video production services. Hybrid video production combines live streaming with video, and since live streams are rising in popularity, you will want to hire a Top Tallahassee video production company that provides streaming services and knows webcasts to do this trend for your company. You also want an incredible production house that knows how to create an action chyron or lower third while streaming, or who can insert a logo while you have a webcast streaming, or a lower third graphic that tells the customer to visit your website. Whatever you need the film aspect to do, it can without interrupting the live feed.


Look For Film Production Companies That Create Micro-Films


Getting information to your consumers quickly and succinctly is a way to make your brand stand out, and while you may need to get a lot of info to them, you can do so in a short amount of time, such as with micro films. To make these happen, look for a Tallahassee film production company that specializes in micro films, or films that last 20 seconds or less, but also film production companies in Tallahassee that have created these short films for social media sites, because social media is where these short films are seen the most. When you hire a creative agency that knows the value of social media on video marketing, your company can stand out in 2018.


Work With A Tallahassee Production Company That Is Near You For Live Streaming


One trend many corporations are tackling in 2018 is one that you have probably already seen or even done, yourself- a live video. Live film resonates with your customers because it makes them feel as if they are able to relate to you. Of course, corporate live videos need to be done with more than a cell phone, so working with a Tallahassee production company is essential. The production company you choose will set up the live stream for you while you handle the rest, doing interviews, discussions, and even panels, giving your consumers interesting content they can sink their teeth into. Working with a top Tallahassee video production company that is close to you will make it easier for your company to utilize this trend, because they will be available to do live streams whenever you want.


Select a Tallahassee Video Production Agency That Knows Blogging And Film Mix


When you are deciding on the Tallahassee video production agency to hire, does blogging ever enter your mind? Today’s videos are combining blogs and film to tell a more in-depth story and some of the top production companies in Tallahassee are helping corporations create short films that can be posted inside blogs. Companies that utilize blogs have a stronger following because consumers like to read about the companies they support. Remember- today’s consumer wants to be entertained and informed, quickly, so when you use video within your blog, they get what they want. Working with an expert video production agency can help you build an in-depth blog with video to earn a larger consumer base and following.


How To Select Your Top Tallahassee video production company

When you are selecting your Top Tallahassee video production company to help create your next corporate campaign, you will want to do more than search for “production companies near me.” You will need to make sure that you are hiring a company that knows about the latest trends in corporate film to help keep you ahead of your competitors. Beverly Boy Productions knows what is up and coming, and we know we can create a video campaign that is better than the rest.


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