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4 Ways to Use Video to Increase Conversion Rates

Video is one of the most visually entertaining mediums available to us and tends to grasp our attention. In fact, more people are watching video online than ever before. Businesses are even finding that video can be used to increase conversion rates for their brands even if their marketing is done completely online. This entertaining, exciting and engaging form of content is gaining popularity and growing wildly online. If you’re not already using ways to use video to increase conversion rates for your business, you should be!


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Perhaps you’re just unsure as to how exactly this is done? We understand! That’s why this post is all about how you can use video to increase conversion rates for your brand! Follow along as we outline some fail proof methods of using video content to boost conversion rates.

1. Short, Entertaining Videos Increase Conversions

If you’re trying to increase the time spent on your video production, or the video completion rate, consider creating short, engaging videos that are as entertaining as they are brief.

Why? Because studies have proven that the most engaging videos that keep viewers watching until the end are generally highly entertaining right from the first few seconds and they are short and to the point.


Viewer engagement tends to wan off over the duration of a video. Therefore you need to get the most important elements into the beginning of the footage.

You need to work hard to keep engagement and interest up until the end. Sharing your key points in the early part of the video ensures that your message is delivered even to those who fall off midway through.

Be Clear

Keep your content concise and to the point. Provide maximum engagement. And front-load the video with the key details in the beginning so that those that stop watching don’t miss anything vital to the core message.

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2. Personalize the Sales Process for Increased Conversions

Sending personalized videos to prospects can quickly boost conversions for your sales team. In fact, if your sales team is struggling to connect with prospects, consider how you can use video to engage the leads and warm them up a bit before the sales call takes place.

Businesses are using video to speed the sales process and boost conversion rates in a variety of different ways. Sending personalized videos to prospects via email helps to create a more welcoming feel for the prospect.

And, when a prospect feels like you have actively taken time out to understand THEM and to personalize content for THEIR NEEDS they feel like you actually care. These kinds of personal relationships are much more likely to convert.

3.  Use Video to Build Trust

Videos are being used to build trust among business audience’s wide and far. these are the ways to use video to increase conversion rates. Think of all the businesses that are operating solely online these days.

It’s hard for consumers to trust a brand that has no brick and mortar store. However, with video you can add a level of personalization and a human element to even the most online, non-traditional brands.


Using video to build trust as a viewer browses your website is simple. Consider the use of an “About Us” video that shows who the key players in your business are and how things operate behind the scenes.

Or, consider the use of a few customer testimonial videos showcasing consumers that meet the target demographic of your primary audience to help consumers feel more connected to your brand. 

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4. Lead Capture in Video

Another great way that video can be used to increase conversion rates is to include a lead capture form in the first few seconds of the video.

Lead capture forms, when used in videos on websites and landing pages, allow you to capture the name, email address, phone number or other pertinent details of your viewer for later use in your marketing efforts.

Increasing Leads 

Many options are available to incorporate ways to use video to increase conversion rates. When lead capture forms are included in the first 10-20% of the video many businesses report increased conversions by as much as 43%.

Consider this quick and easy edit to your top performing videos if you’re looking for a fast, no-fuss method of increasing lead capture conversions quickly and easily.

Ready to get started with video on your website for increased conversions? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to help you get started.