10 Excellent Tips for Shooting Video in Detroit

10 Excellent Tips for Shooting Video in Detroit

The city of Detroit is home to plenty to see and do. Motor City, Mo Town or Detroit as we know it have been a rich part of American history for hundreds of years. Detroit features a culture that brings you to your knees. There is so much love for this city and so much optimism to be had. If you’re visiting Detroit for a video shoot, make sure you checkout the historical hotspots and capture plenty of Motor City B-roll while you’re here. 

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#10. – City of Extremes 

Detroit is a city of extremes. You’ll find revitalized buildings and ball parks throughout. There are plenty of extreme opportunities for a film shoot. Pick your place, GM World Headquarters, the People Mover, it’s all in the city. 

#9. — You’ll Live Through It 

So many people make Detroit out to be a hard city that you cannot come to without fear for your life. But contrary to popular believe, if you visit Detroit, your chances of leaving alive are quite strong. 

#8. — Location is Everything 

Within the city, whether you’re shooting for culture or history, you’re sure to find a rich location that’s ideal for your video backdrop. In fact, no matter where you shoot in Detroit, you are likely to experience a rich part of history while you’re there. 

#7. — 8 Mile 

Did you know that 8 Mile is a road, not a movie? To those who live in Detroit, the term “8 Mile” represents the road that runs through the city. Not the movie featuring Eminem. 

#6. — Stories Galore 

Detroit is a city with plenty of stories to tell. Don’t get lost too much in the stories of troubles that you hear from the locals. Detroit is a proud city with enough optimism to go around. 

#5. — Avoid the Detroit Auto Show 

While it may seem like a good idea to head to Detroit to shoot during the Detroit Auto Show, think again. This time of year, usually mid-January, is gold and expensive in Detroit. You’ll find better arrangements during any other time of year. 

#4. — Belle Isle Park 

Some of your best b-roll in Detroit can be captured from the Belle Isle Park. This little known gem of Detroit is located along the Detroit River and features the Detroit skyline in a way that no other area of the city can. 

#3. — Landmarks, Lakefronts & B-Roll 

While you’re in Detroit make sure that you capture b-roll from the landmarks and lakefronts that are found throughout the city. Several options for a film shoot exist including the picturesque landscape of the outskirts of the town. 

#2. — City of Detroit Helps with Film 

If you’re coming to Detroit for a video shoot, the City of Detroit is your go to source for assistance on production. They attempt to guide producers and assist in the logistical management of film production within the city. Contact the city for more information. 

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#1. — Take Part in the Tax Incentive 

Detroit offers film producers a hefty tax incentive to come to the city and shoot. In fact, the incentive is up to 42% in the State of Michigan and happens to be one of the better film shoot incentives in the country. Why not visit? 

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