5 Qualities to Look for in A Video Production Company

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So you’re looking for a video production company to work with on a new project? Are you prepared to screen each crew and do your homework to ensure you hire only the best agency for the job? While it may seem like a daunting task to hire a video production company for your project, what’s more daunting is when you hire someone for the job and realize midway through that they really aren’t a good fit. In fact, we’ve put together a list of important qualities that you should look for when hiring a video production company to reduce the risk that you may find yourself partnered with the wrong kind of crew later on. Here are 5 Qualities to Look for in A Video Production Company. 

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1. A Great Portfolio

Before you hire any production company, make sure they have a portfolio that you simply cannot overlook. A great portfolio that includes quality work should be the first step you take toward checking into the skills of a particular company. 

Remember, quality is more important here than quantity. I would much rather see a portfolio that includes a few high quality productions that are in line with what I want done than a whole bunch of half-finished, poorly composed pieces of work that don’t really align with my needs. 

When checking out the portfolio of the video production company you’re considering, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this work align with the type of work that I want completed?
  • Is the content detailed, fresh, and easy to follow?
  • Does the content align with the overall tone of their business? 

2. Genuine Customer Testimonials

Anyone can have a customer testimonial fabricated to appear as if they have satisfied customers on their side. But, you can tell a genuine customer testimonial when you see one. Does the company you’re considering a partnership with have quality customer testimonials that include genuine responses from past clients? We’re talking about a testimonial that says more than just, “yea, they did a great job.” We’re talking about testimonials that go in depth about the project they worked on, the way their story unfolded and the satisfaction that came from the relationship with the company. A shining customer testimonial is a definitive way to know that you will be satisfied if you work with this particular group.

3. Above Average Standards

You don’t want to work with a video production company that is average. At least, that is unless you want average work? You want a company that has high standards, shoots for the stars, and will do the same for your project. Standards say a lot about a business. 

When you talk to the video production company, do they appear confident? Do they make you feel confident in their ability to deliver the work that you are seeking? Is their past work of high quality? You should be able to tell by looking at previous work whether they have above average standards or they are the type that just scapes by with the bare minimum. You certainly don’t want to work with a company that’s not going to shoot for the stars. In fact, if it’s like that, you could record your video from your iPhone and call it a day.

4. Defined Expectations

Make sure you hire a video production company that has clearly defined expectations. You can’t just work with someone that has no goals or expectations set out. A project without goals and expectations is a passion. Clearly defined expectations as to the project scope, the timeline for completion, the KPIs that will be used to measure success and various other fine details relative to your project should be laid out early on. A company that doesn’t provide these expectations is clearly not as committed to the success of your project as you are!

5. A Passion for Video Production

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Some people really just come to work because they need to pay their mortgage. Others come because they truly love what they do. You want to hire a video production company that has a passion for video production. Someone that truly loves what they do and is happy to show up at work everyday. At Beverly Boy Productions our producers love coming to work. In fact, they say it’s really not even like “work” because they love it so much and have so much fun producing videos for clients just like you! To work with a video production company that has a passion for production and for the success of your project, give Team Beverly Boy a call!


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