How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business? 

Video marketing is quickly becoming the number one means of promoting brands online. More than 84% of all internet related searches and traffic are video related and more than 80% of brands state they utilize video as part of their marketing initiatives. If you’re not already using video, or you’ve only just started to include video in your marketing campaigns, you might be wondering, “How can video marketing help your business?” 

While it’s perfectly understandable to have questions about how video marketing can help your business, it’s important that you realize video marketing is no longer something that you can “think about” doing. Video marketing is the number one means of promoting businesses and brands, and it’s not going anywhere! With consumers watching an average of 100 minutes of video online each day, brands stand to gain a lot from including video content in their day-to-day marketing initiatives. 

So, “How can video marketing help your business?” Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways that video marketing is almost guaranteed to help your business grow, increase consumer trust, and generate more sales for your brand! You’re quickly going to find that the benefits of video marketing are equally powerful as they are incredible!

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Video Marketing will Help You Rank Higher In Search

This was something that brands only thought was occurring for a while because Google had not come out and said anything specific about their algorithm and the way that video impacts search engine rankings and results until recently. However, it’s been confirmed, by Google specifically, that the addition of video to a website can increase search engine rankings generating potentially higher organic traffic to your pages.

In fact, the addition of video increases your chances of ranking first page in Google SERPs by as much as 33% or more. This is very important because more than 75% of consumers will not venture past the first page of results when searching for answers in Google or any other search engine. According to a recent study by Moovly, you’re 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google with video!

Video Will Help Your Business Reach More Customers

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Video increases the overall reach that your business will have online through improved search rankings but it doesn’t stop there! Video will also help your business to achieve greater reach through social media, too! The inclusion of video in your social media marketing campaigns will help your business to show up in more social feeds. Almost every social media platform has announced that video is one of several algorithm elements that increases reach for businesses. The social platforms show posts more frequently if they have video and consumers share the content more frequently when it includes video.  

Using Video Helps Your Business Reach Consumers Where They’re At

The use of video in your marketing campaigns has a number of benefits for your business. When you ask, “How can video marketing help your business,” it’s important to think carefully about what consumers want. According to 88% of consumers, video is their chosen medium for communicating with brands. Most consumers want to see more video from the brands and businesses they are interested in.

The use of video allows you to reach consumers where they are with exactly what they’re looking for. In fact, 51.7% of internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 state that watching video content online is their primary purpose for utilizing the internet. Outside of shopping, work, or other uses more than half of all internet users are online for video!

Video Marketing will Help Your Business Generate Higher ROI

According to recent studies, video can help your business increase revenue up to 49% faster than if you were not to use video. Not only does video help brands to increase their revenue and grow more quickly, according to 40% of consumers, video increases the likelihood that they will purchase products or services from a business.  Another study found that more than 98% of marketers were not only satisfied with the outcome of their video marketing efforts, they believed video was incredibly effective at helping them to grow their brand.

Video Marketing Will Help Your Business Increase Conversions

What does every business want more of? Sales! Calls! Leads! Conversions, no matter what they are for your particular business campaigns, are the key to growth and to revenue. They are absolutely vital and they’re what many marketing campaigns are measured by when it comes to tracking success or failure. So, when you ask, “How can video marketing help your business,” you’re probably secretly thinking, “How can video help me increase conversions for my business?” This is what most entrepreneurs and business owners are thinking when they ask this question.

Video has the power to increase conversion rates across a variety of marketing platforms and mediums. The use of video on your landing pages can increase conversions as much as 80% according to a study by Wordstream. If you’re looking for leads, video marketers claim that they get 66% more qualified leads each year when they include video in their campaigns. Additionally, sales teams have stated that video increases email open rates 16% and replies up to 26%. In fact, the use of video in email campaigns can increase conversions exponentially depending on the business, brand or specific campaign. 

So, next time you ask, “How can video marketing help your business?” Consider any of these benefits to video marketing as well as a plethora of other potential benefits that could come from using videos in your marketing and advertising campaigns. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

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