Different Types of Video Content for Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Whether you’re trying to reach prospects to help them see your product or service as a potential solution to their problem, or you’re aiming more toward reaching current customers to help them feel comfortable with their purchase, knowing what type of video content is ideal for the marketing stage in which your audience is in is vital. Brands need to provide different types of video content for every stage of the marketing funnel.

So how will you know where a video can be most useful? Even the most powerful marketers sometimes struggle with determining exactly where each type of video content makes the most sense in the marketing funnel. But it’s really not that difficult. We’ll show you the different types of video content for every stage of the marketing funnel and what you need to know about each.

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Top of Funnel Videos

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At the top of the marketing funnel, customers aren’t your customer just yet. They actually aren’t even aware of your business or the products or services you provide yet. This is where you need to be building awareness for your brand and the solutions you offer.

Digital marketing at the top of the funnel involves videos that engage viewers to get them interested in a particular product or service. The goal is to build a list of aware consumers that additional marketing can be delivered to.

Top of funnel videos include:

● Thought leader videos – these are the videos that prove you are an expert in your industry. The goal is to help consumers recognize your brand as the go-to resource on a particular problem.
● How-to videos – showcasing how to solve problems.
● Social videos – showcasing involvement in a particular industry, further proving expertise.
● Explainer videos – addressing important topics relative to the industry.
● FAQ videos – answering key questions relative to an industry topic.
● Inspirational videos – helping consumers to connect with motivational needs of a business.
● Corporate culture videos – helping to show consumers what a brand is like.

Middle of Funnel Videos

In the middle of the marketing funnel, leads are nurtured into customers. This is where the majority of marketing efforts are spent as this is where the action happens. Middle of the funnel marketing videos take members from being an aware audience to pinpointing how your product or service solves their problem and is the ideal solution available for them.

As you nurture leads through the middle of the funnel, the goal of video is to help consumers better understand your product or service and the solutions it provides as those solutions apply to the consumer. This is where content is focused on helping the consumer to make an informed purchase decision.

Middle of funnel videos include:

● Product videos – promotional marketing collateral that focuses on teaching the customer why your product is the ideal solution for their problem.
● FAQ videos – that discuss the product or service and potential questions a new customer would have.
● How-to videos – that showcase how your product or service solves their problems.
● Thought leadership videos – that further help the consumer to view you as an industry leader.
● Explainer videos – that explain a solution to the consumer in layman’s terms.
● Video emails – that nurture the lead and help them to get to know your business more intimately.
● Retargeted videos – that deliver content to consumers that have already come to your website before.
● Corporate culture videos – that help the viewer to further connect with your brand and resonate with the culture behind your business.
● Testimonial videos – that help consumers to gain trust in their decision to purchase from you.
● Case study videos – that help the consumer to see how your product or service offered a solution to a consumer of similar demographics or with a problem similar to theirs.

Bottom of Funnel Videos

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Finally, at the bottom of the funnel you have consumers that are familiar with your brand and the products or services that you offer, they have an understanding of how your brand offers a solution to their problem, and they are ready to make a purchase decision. The video content that you deliver at this stage of the marketing funnel will further guide the consumer’s decision, hopefully toward purchasing from you.

Bottom of the funnel video content is delivered directly to the prospect to help them assure that they are making the best decision in choosing your solution. Bottom of the funnel videos seal the deal.

Bottom of the funnel videos include:

● Customer testimonial videos – these help the consumer to make a decision as they resonate with past customers that trust in your brand and have similar demographics or situations to the consumer.
● FAQ videos – these discuss key questions that a consumer may have when they are on the fence and not quite certain on their purchase yet.
● Demo videos – that show how the product or service actually solves the problem the consumer faces.
● About videos – that provide a deep look into the product or service, brand, or members of the team that consumers can resonate with.
● Comparison videos – that show your product or service compared to a competitor product or service.
● Case study videos – that share how your product or service solved a problem similar to the viewer’s problem.
● Personalized video emails – that deliver content which the consumer can further use to connect with your brand and resonate with their decision to make a purchase.

As you dig deeper into the marketing funnel and prepare video content for each stage of the funnel, think about each of these three stages and how you can deliver content that appeals to the audience in each stage. Need help creating videos for each of these marketing funnel stages? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to help you!

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