6 Industries that Must Start Planning their Video Marketing Tactics for 2023

With more than 80% of all internet traffic being made up of video in 2020 and growing, many industries are already heavily focused on the use of video for their marketing efforts. Those that are still trying to decide what’s best may be slightly behind but still stand to gain quite a bit from the decision to incorporate video into their marketing campaigns. In fact, these 6 industries stand to gain the most from planning their video marketing tactics for 2023 as quickly, and efficiently, as possible!

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1. Software as a Service Providers

SaaS providers stand to gain probably the most from carefully planned video marketing tactics for 2023. Few business owners in this industry will argue as to the value that comes from video content being added to their marketing campaigns.

Video has the powerful ability to connect consumers with the business and produce a memorable impression. 

2. Hospitality Providers 

The travel and hospitality industry has been deeply impacted by COVID and has lost a lot over the course of 2020, but this industry still stands to gain quite a bit if they appropriate target their marketing initiatives for 2023.

In fact, hotels and travel providers that use video marketing tactics to drive consumer interest in 2023 stand to effectively gain greater consumer interest and interaction.

3. Legal Providers

Attorneys that are not already utilizing video in their campaigns are certainly missing out on greater reach, engagement, and leads.

In fact, the best video marketing tactics for these providers include incorporating testimonial videos into their campaigns and using video to draw consumer interest in their skills and abilities.

4. E-Commerce Providers

Social shopping is here to stay and to grow, and for ecommerce businesses that means that incorporating video marketing tactics into the strategic plan now is vital! The use of video for ecommerce providers can draw consumer interest in products, boost conversions and drive sales. 

5. Education Providers

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Now more than ever, video is a key player in schools and when educating consumers, too. When it comes to education, the incorporation of video into marketing campaigns is absolutely vital.

Colleges, universities, and private education providers can create strong emotional connections with students through video – so start planning.

6. Healthcare Providers

Doctors and other healthcare providers should be closely considering their video marketing tactics for 2023 and the ways that they intend to incorporate video into their campaigns.

Educational videos are key for healthcare providers but the use of video for product demos and various other scenarios is also welcomed.

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