5 Types of Legal Marketing Videos for Attorneys

5 Types of Legal Marketing Videos for Attorneys

Differentiating yourself from all the other lawyers in the mix is a major element to any marketing campaign for a new firm.

How will you stand out against the competition? Not only will legal marketing videos help you to stand out against your competitors in town and abroad, but the marketing content you create also stands to help prospects view your values, culture, and mission in a way that they can connect with and relate to. Legal marketing videos can help you generate leads, grow your reputation, and develop trust among prospective clients. These are the top 5 types of legal marketing videos every attorney should consider for their marketing mix.

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1. Testimonial Videos

The best way to generate trust among prospects is to share with them the results that you’ve gotten with past clients — from the horse’s mouth! Testimonial videos show your prospects how satisfied your past clients are with your services.

These videos are some of the easiest to produce and tend to be highly effective in creating trust among your prospective clients. Just make sure you allow the client to voice their appreciation in his or her own terms — testimonials shouldn’t come off as rehearsed.

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2. Video Bios

Attorney bios represent the unique details for each member of your team. This type of content will help prospects to connect and relate to who you are as an individual. They are also great for building trust among the consumer.

A video bio that includes details on your educational background, passions and individual details that make you who you are will help consumers to find you more relatable or personable. When your legal marketing videos help consumers relate and view you as a person, you generate more leads.

Attorney intro

3. Explainer VIdeos

These explain complex processes and actions that relate to the legal field and your niche. Explainer videos help you to connect with consumers that may be seeking your services and they represent an opportunity to show your expertise in the field. Consider sharing explainer videos on your website and in your social media profiles to boost consumer awareness of your expertise.

 explainer video

4. Corporate Culture Videos

Providing a look into how your firm operates will help outsiders see the value you provide and the way that your firm works together. Show off the people in your firm, the location, the culture, and the mindset that can be seen in your behaviors and activities. Company overview or corporate culture videos help consumers to feel at ease with your firm as a working unit.

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5. Service Videos

Legal marketing videos that represent the various services that you offer can help consumers better understand what you can do for them. Explain the process, what to expect, and who would benefit from each service.

The idea here is to focus on the pain points that consumers would have and connect with them on that level so that they can see how you can help them solve their problems. This will lead to increased conversions for your practice.

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Here is an example of Legal Marketing Videos for Attorneys produced by Team Beverly Boy:

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