Advantages of Using Healthcare Worker Training Video Content in Your Practice

Proper training of your healthcare workers can make the difference in whether or not your practice runs smoothly and is safe for your patients, but long winded training programs that are delivered to employees once every several months may not be as conducive to learning as you think. Statistics prove that the majority of the time, workers forget nearly 90% of the information they learn in workplace training seminars within the first two months! That’s one of the many reasons why many healthcare providers are making the shift toward the use of healthcare worker training video content. 

In fact, the use of healthcare worker training video content to engage and educate workers is increasingly becoming the chosen method of worker training thanks to several key advantages. Not only is video training more likely to stick with the worker so that they can remember what they learn for more than just a couple of months, it also creates more flexibility for workers to be able to train on their time and to re-train as needed. 

Just checkout these advantages that come along with using healthcare worker training video content for your practice:

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Improved Memory of Important Concepts 

First and foremost, studies have proven that employees that train via video are more likely to retain the information that they learn than those who train in-person or by reading a book. In fact, workers only recall about 20% of what they read, and some studies have gone as far as to state that they retain even less if they only hear the lecture such as in a classroom setting. However, with video, audio visual demonstrations can reinforce memory improving the likelihood of longer term retention of the lessons being taught.

Potential for Re-Training or Re-Watching

Videos can be used to re-train employees on important concepts whenever a lesson is required. This is advantageous for several reasons. If new employees are hired, there will be no need to wait around for another training term to teach new employees the important protocols or routines of the practice, those new employees can immediately begin to train with the same video content that was used to train the rest of the crew. 

In the event that an existing employee needs a refresher on an important concept, or the employee would like to re-train for any reason, that employee can immediately access the video training that is most useful to them and re-watch any of the content that is useful for them. 

Being able to re-watch or re-train is not only useful for employees that might realize they need a refresher, it’s also useful to management. If a manager happens to realize that an employee is struggling in a particular area that there is video training available to assist with, with a simple email, the training can be shared with the employee to provide support and management can later track the training content and see whether the employee participated or not.

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Accessible from Anywhere at Any Time

Healthcare working training videos can be viewed from any location, at work or from home, remotely or not. This is incredibly valuable, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in many workers either being forced to work from home remotely, or in the case of healthcare workers to move around to other facilities to provide support. Being able to access training, regardless of where you’re located is a huge advantage as is being able to access the training at any time period that is convenient for the worker.

Making training available at any time is incredibly valuable too. This is important because it’s just not ideal to make newly hired staff members wait around for weeks or even months until the next major training event comes up in order to be fully trained within their position. With videos, new staff can train as soon as they’re hired, staff that change positions or roles can train immediately within that new role, and in the event that a particular staff member requires additional training on a subject, that can happen immediately as well.

Huge Money Saving for Healthcare Practices

The healthcare practice that chooses to produce a healthcare worker training video series can experience huge financial savings over in-person, and often in-classroom, healthcare worker training. Videos are incredibly cost effective to produce and the production of a training series eliminates the cost of having to pay for a trainer to come in and educate staff at a scheduled period. 

There is no need to organize a weekend or multi-day training event that requires all staff to be present and a trainer to come and provide instruction. Instead, the organization pays for the video to be created once, and that same video, or series of videos, can be used over and over again to teach and train healthcare workers within the practice. 

Consistency in Messaging

Another major advantage of using healthcare worker training video content in your practice is the consistency that comes with using a training video. When staff members are trained at different locations, or by different trainers, there are often inconsistencies with the training that is provided. This creates inconsistencies in the way that healthcare workers provide medical care or otherwise operate within their practice. However, when video is used to train workers, everyone receives the same messaging and training which means everyone knows the same content. There is nothing that gets lost in translation or otherwise altered by different trainers.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to using healthcare worker training video content for your practice. For help producing a healthcare training video series for your practice, give Beverly Boy Productions a call! 

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