Using Video Case Studies on School Leadership to Teach Important Skills

Video Case Studies are increasingly becoming the norm across many schools and in various classrooms when it comes to teaching leadership, education, and learning techniques. In fact, the production of Video Case Studies on School Leadership is a step that many principles and key educational leaders choose to take in order to teach important skills to teachers and staff. Long utilized in business schools, leaders are now finding that case studies are not just great for business but also for teaching medical students, social sciences, and a variety of other concepts across many different learning topics and industries.

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If you’re the leader of a major school or learning organization, producing Video Case Studies on School Leadership could be an incredibly effective way of showcasing to your students the core values in acquiring leadership skills and in overcoming real world situations and scenarios that require unique insights into leadership practices

At Beverly Boy Productions we work with many different schools and leaders to produce professional Video Case Studies on school leadership. To learn more about the production process and the next steps that are required by you in order to achieve success with the use of Video Case Studies to teach and train leaders in your educational institution, give us a call.

Topics Covered with Video Case Studies on School Leadership

Traditionally, case studies would take on a “What would you do” style approach depicting a specific leadership need or situation, and the methodology utilized by a school or leader in the school to overcome the challenge or situation. However, today’s Video Case Studies on School Leadership can take a variety of approaches including topics that cover everything from traditional approaches and a “What would you do” learning style to more of a complex approach in which detailed objectives are introduced and core concepts included.

Most of the time, these video case studies will incorporate the following elements for success:

  • A focus on a key decision maker that is facing a particular question, challenge, or concern which requires a leadership approach.
  • An underlying description or story that delineates the background or concept behind the challenge. This is generally legal, family, or industry related.
  • Detailed interviews and data from key stakeholders, other leaders, industry professionals, expert testimonials, or supporting documentation.

By producing Video Case Studies on School Leadership, branded schools are able to create a positive shift in leadership learning while building a level of recognition and authority for the school that will stand out to core audiences.

How are Case Studies Used to Teach & Train?

Video Case Studies on School Leadership can be utilized to teach or train employees, staff, teachers, or other leaders of the school through a variety of use cases and opportunities. The use of a video case study in the classroom environment can help student leaders to see and understand the importance of real world situations and how to react based on what others have done in similar situations or scenarios in the past.

When using case studies in the classroom, it’s important to produce the Video Case Studies on school leadership with the following approach:

  • Open with a discussion of the challenge or leadership issue that is being taught.
  • Present the goal of the analysis and what the students should learn by engaging in the case study or watching the video.
  • Discuss the context or background of the case study to help students understand how the leadership problem or challenge came about.
  • Introduce key points or areas of consideration for learning and leadership understanding.
  • Offer alternatives and additional ideas for resolution and added learning in the leadership style or approach.
  • Present recommendations along with detailed descriptions to support the recommendation.

Presenting Video Case Studies on School Leadership is something that certainly requires your advanced planning and understanding of the impact that a video case study can have on the training and leadership opportunities that you provide.

Producing Video Case Studies on School Leadership

At Beverly Boy Productions we work with leaders in a variety of industries to produce Video Case Studies on School Leadership that provide training and consistent learning opportunities for students in industries worldwide. To learn more about producing Video Case Studies, or the proposed training solutions that can be provided through the use of a video case study, we recommend that educators present engaging perspectives on real world situations and scenarios faced in the day-to-day operations of their classroom or schools.

Decision making, particularly in a leadership role, can be challenging at best, especially when there are distinct leadership rules involved and there are more than one or two potential leadership choices that could be made without any serious impact or struggles.

If you want to grow and train leaders that are focused, innovative, and exceptionally prepared to operate your schools and treat your students with absolute respect, give us a call. We’ll help you produce Video Case Studies on School Leadership to teach and train on the most important life and real world skills appropriate for your school.

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