How To Make a Call Sheet for Your Video Project

How To Make a Call Sheet for Your Video Project

Understanding how to create a call sheet is essential to any film production team. The call sheet document will be distributed to your crew on a daily basis to provide key information on the set, shoot, and needs for the day.

Acting as a blueprint to the day’s schedule, the call sheet is a vital essential to an organized film schedule. Knowing how to make a call sheet for your video project is essential to the organization of your team. We’re outlining the steps to effective call sheet creation to make your film production schedule and crew information easier to work with.

Essential Components

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The essential components of a call sheet include key details that will be divided from the left, and right with elements also included in the center. The header of the call sheet includes essential data relative to the production, date, weather, and set information. The rest of the sheet is laid out as a spreadsheet. Make sure the following components are included in your call sheet:

  • Above the line details.
  • Production details including the title, and the crew call.
  • The date and day of days as well as the weather details and key hospital information
  • The set address
  • The shooting schedule
  • Key information on talent
  • Background talent
  • Stand in details
  • Special instructions for crew
  • Advance schedule information
  • The entire crew list & contact details

Above the Line Details

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This will be on the left of the call sheet and includes contact information as well as the Director, Executive Producer, and Writer details.

Production Details

The center of your call sheet includes the production title and the general crew call time. This area may also include details on pre-call for the grip and electric to follow.

Date & Day of Days

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This will be seen on the right-hand side and showcases the date as well as the day in which the shooting schedule is on.

For example, it may say day 2 of 20 or day 5 of 20. The weather is also included here as it could signify whether plans for the shoot would need to change. Additionally, the emergency data regarding the hospital should be included in case there is an accident or other essential medical needs arise on set.

Set Address

The set address is included to the right of the call sheet. A map can also be attached to provide key transportation details for those coming to the set.

Shoot Schedule

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The shooting schedule is the first of several elements that will be included in a spreadsheet-like template making up the remainder of your call sheet. The shooting schedule will be the main content and primary meat of the day. Similar, but less inclusive than a shot list, the shooting schedule will be followed by details on a scene number, set and scene description, cast, and location data.

Key Information on Talent

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The talent information is the next key element in the call sheet. Here is where you’re going to fill essential data relative to the cast name, character, and status such as start work, work, work finish, or hold. This area will also include transportation needs, arrival times, and key information regarding makeup and set remarks.

Background Talent

Usually inclusive of stand-in details, this section generally provides details on those who should report for work on the set as an Extra.

Stand In Details


The stand-in details may include a description, a report that includes call time and details as well as a set call outlining what time they are needed on the set.

Special Instructions

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The special instructions section of your call sheet will include key reminders for various departments. Consider including notes on props, makeup details, wardrobe info, special effects, and other pertinent information that will help your crew achieve success on the set that day.

Advance Schedule Information

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The advance schedule information section will provide the same style details that are found in the shooting schedule, but the information will be relevant to the following day’s shoot.

Crew List & Contacts

Under the crew lists and contacts area, you’ll include a list of the crew members on the set for that day as well as their position and call times.

Additionally, you can include walkie talkie channels that will be utilized on the set to provide your team reference data relative to the production.

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