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Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes on the Production Set

Understanding the roles and the tasks taking place on the production set can be challenging, even for a seasoned production veteran. Even the most organized, prepared, involved production team can find themselves making mistakes at times. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a newbie film crew member, whatever you do, don’t make these mistakes on the production set.

1. Dressing Inappropriately


We’re not talking about showing too much skin, although that may be a problem too! What we mean is wearing clothes that could put you at risk of getting injured on set. Dress in clothes that are safe and that protect you from potential injuries on the set. Wear close-toed shoes, wear dark colors so that your complexion isn’t washed out, and dress like you’re prepared for a day of hard work!

2. Arriving Late


There are few things worse than showing up to the film set late for work! Film production is almost certain to have a tight schedule–you arrive late and you ruin everyone’s day! Don’t waste everyone’s time and certainly don’t show up with some lame excuse for being late.

3. Negative Attitudes

Negative Attitudes

Working on a production set is hard and it’s certainly not for everyone. If you’re in a bad mood, keep it to yourself! Negative attitudes have no place on set. In fact, a bad mood can quickly trickle down to others on set if you’re not careful. Instead of carrying around a horrible mood, do your best to be positive.

4. Waiting Around for Instruction

The film set is no place to sit and wait for someone to tell you what to do. If you need to be told how to walk, talk, and function on-set, this probably isn’t the place for you. Pay attention, jump in when you can, and get the work done!

5. Showing Up Unprepared

Just don’t! If you’re working the film set, make sure you’ve got your tools and everything you might need with you. Don’t show up unprepared. No matter what your role is on set, this is the time to be overprepared if there ever was one.

6. Foul Language


There are a time and a place for the potty mouth but it really isn’t on set. Not just foul language,  but talking inappropriately about others too. Just don’t do it on set. Chances are you’ll have to face those people again and you certainly don’t want to offend anyone.

7. Being in the Way

If you find yourself constantly in someone’s way, MOVE! You might hurt yourself or someone else. It’s great to get in there and get involved, but not to the point that you’re in the way and jeopardizing those who know what they’re doing. Notice when you’re in the way and just move!

8. Being Lazy

This kind of goes along with standing around and waiting to be told what to do. The film set is no place for a lazy individual. Just don’t be lazy! Instead, do your best, work hard, and don’t ever try to cut corners just because you’re too lazy to do the job the right way. Someone may end up hurt!

9. Leaving Your Cell On


When cameras roll there’s absolutely nothing worse than a cell phone ringing in the middle of an otherwise perfect take. Turn your cell phone ringer off! You definitely don’t want to be remembered by others on set as the reason that a perfect take wasn’t perfect!

10. On Set for Yourself & No-one Else

self centered

The film set is made up of a group of people, sometimes hundreds of people, working together. If you show up for yourself and don’t care about others, you’re in the wrong place! Everyone needs to do their part and look out for others to help them do theirs. Don’t show up on the film set with the intention of caring only about yourself!