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5 Examples of great Independent Reality Show Production

During the week, we will field at least 5 – 10 phone calls from companies, individuals, or agents interested in creating an Indi reality show production. Sometimes these are used as public relations vehicles to help brand a business. Other times it has been a long time dream for a group of friends or family. We have had the pleasure of working with some pretty cool clients on some exciting projects. We have compiled a few of the projects that we’ve had the opportunity to create alongside our clients. If you are interested in producing your own reality show production, drop us a line, we’re happy to consult you on your project.


Our Reality camera crew filmed this Reality Show Sizzle Reel in Houston, Texas, over the course of a week. Experience the crazed drama lives of sexy, talented, and physically fit football players as they storm across the US promoting their fantasy meets reality sports world of Women’s Arena Football. They compete to become “Starter Players” and to win the ultimate crown of “WAFL’S TOP DIVA”!

Financial Feng Shui

Team Beverly Boy crafted this reality show production In Atlanta, GA. The show features a stylish, entertaining, and sometimes shocking fashion, Jerry Gordon…the “Dr. Doogie Houser” of finance. Jerry navigates his various zany clients through the perils of economic resuscitation on the road to financial freedom. His brash but brilliant manner is offset by his young, hip appearance….but like E.F. Hutton, when he speaks, the world has no choice but to listen. “Your Money My Advice” (or decided title) mixes infotainment into a groundbreaking new recipe that will educate, entertain, and inspire the viewer without breaking a sweat.

Captain Vogel’s Adventures

We filmed this project in South Florida, and mostly in the Atlantic Ocean! Captain Vogel Adventures is a hair-raising, quirky, touching portrait of a family bond by the misadventures of fishing all around the country, and the unexpected twists and turns there within. Captain David Vogel, the personable patriarch of the family, leads his sometimes reluctant but always supportive wife Melora on zany fishing voyages on the high seas. Their sons Chandler and Sean often jump into the fray as well, heightening the hilarity. Chandler, a fun-loving college student at Ole’ Miss, has a unique and bold view of the world, and he doesn’t mind sharing it; his brother Sean, however, is a bit different. Sean, a stoic serviceman in the United States military, is the classic American hero, with two tours of duty to prove it…there is no challenge that he can’t deal with; just ask his mom. Together, the family combines fishing, cooking, and their profound faith into every minute of inspiring informative and extremely entertaining television.

Married to the Law Chicago

Our Chicago reality show crew helped put together this masterpiece. Married to the Law is a provocative show that takes a hard, dramatic, sometimes funny, but at all the times raw, look that the women who serve the Law, or the women married to those that wear a badge every day. Stacy, the figurative glue that bonds the girls together, is a no non-sense, brutality honest young woman with a personality that seems to just draw people toward her, a characteristic that her husband, a gang unit Chicago policeman, happens to love. As we look deeper, however, it’s her past that truly captivates…she is a woman living in the shadow of fear…fear that history will repeat itself…she has already lost one husband as the result of gun violence…how does she cope with the knowledge that he current husband stands in those same cross-hares every day.

Wish List Atlanta

We had the pleasure of crafting this reality show production in Atlanta, GA. What do you give the man or woman that has everything money can buy….the one thing money can’t buy…the right person to share it with. Meet Rob, Justin, James, and Angela…a group of extremely successful entrepreneurs in the bustling city of Atlanta. From the outside, their lives are comprised of the stuff of dreams, fine homes, luxury cars, vacations to exotic locations…influence, power, purpose…but something is missing…love.Enter the Wish List, the four friends agree to make a wish list made up of their ideal characteristics for a mate, but in doing so, they must agree to go on a series of blind dates and honestly give each date a chance to meet the criteria…no matter how they look or who they may be. It is an unpredictable recipe for comedy, conflict, and entertainment.

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