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10 Things To Look Forward to When Hiring a Chicago, Illinois Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients trust us a top Chicago, Illinois production company. With the city’s rich industrial history, world famous attractions and typical American melting-pot style cuisine, this city is a perfect choice for an all-American experience in any production setting. Here are 10 reasons to hire a Chicago, Illinois production company:

  1. National Museum of Mexican ArtChicago, Illinois Production Company

Why not take a look at something unique in this city? The National Museum of Mexican Art is where you’ll be able to catch a glimpse at some of the best types of art from our neighbor in the south. From vibrant clay skulls which are a favorite for the Day of the Dead, to permanent collections and amazing exhibits that change often, the National Museum of Mexican Art is a great spot for those who like to get to know other cultures and their art. Located in Pilsen, you’ll find the area to be a fascinating spot for your project with a production team.

  1. Lincoln ParkChicago, Illinois Production Company

You may want to work with a local Chicago, Illinois production company to film at a beautiful park like Lincoln Park. As one of the most popular parks in the area and also one of the longest, you’ll be able to capture some of the beauty of the beaches and nature reserves in this famous park situated on the banks of Lake Michigan. There is even an outdoor theatre at this park, making it perfect for using as a location for your video production.

  1. ClimateChicago, Illinois Production Company

We wouldn’t say that Chicago has the best weather in the country, although it does depend on the time of the year that you visit. People often visit during the spring and summer, with average temperatures in the summer ranging around 70-72-degrees. It can be tricky to do video services with a video company in the winter, as Chicago winters are known for being quite cold and challenging to work in.

  1. Chicago Botanical GardenChicago, Illinois Production Company

This garden is worth visiting, whether you’re a plant fanatic or you’re simply looking for activities to do in Chicago. With things like cooking classes, photography lessons, and artist events, it’s not just about the vegetation in the garden. Of course, with everything from orchid shows to beautiful romantic gardens, the Chicago Botanical Garden can be the ideal spot for anything from an afternoon of relaxation, to a location for your project with a Chicago, Illinois production company.

  1. Millennium ParkChicago, Illinois Production Company

You’ve had to have seen the pictures of the Chicago Bean. It’s possibly one of the most photographed spots in all of Chicago and it’s located right smack in Millennium Park. Millennium Park is much more than this structure. It’s full of beautiful landscapes, architecture, and of course things to do. From exhibitions to ice-skating and tours, Millennium Park is the iconic place you can visit for either a set for your digital marketing campaign or simply for a background for your clip filmed by a top Chicago camera crew.

  1. FoodChicago, Illinois Production Company

Chicago is one of those big U.S. cities where you can find a variety of dishes that you can’t just find anywhere. Deep dish pizza is probably one of the most popular foods to eat while visiting Chicago, but there are several amazing restaurants you should try to visit while taking a break from your project with a local production team. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Lao Sze Chuan: Located in Chinatown, it’s no wonder that this is the perfect place to go for authentic Chinese food. Full of great options that will make your mouth water, you’ll walk away from this great restaurant wanting to go back the next day.
  2. Superdawg: If you’re craving a classic Chicago hot dog, you’ll find it here. A Chicago institution since 1948 when it opened as a little roadside stand, Superdawg is now a classic drive-in boasting those Chi-town flavors you crave.
  3. Andy’s Thai Kitchen: What could be better on a cold day than a bowl of boat noodles? Yum. We love Thai food and if you do, too, then you’ll want to visit Andy’s Thai Kitchen while in Chicago.


  1. Buckingham Fountain, Grant ParkChicago, Illinois Production Company

The backdrop for many films and movies, Buckingham Fountain isn’t a spot located in the UK. Grant Park in Chicago is the home of the Buckingham Fountain and is a beautiful spot for those who are looking for a nice place to relax after a long day exploring the city. It’s also a great location for your project with one of the local film production companies.

  1. HistoryChicago, Illinois Production Company

Chicago as we know it today dates back to 1673, when Frenchmen Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet decided it was a pretty cool place to visit. Yet, they didn’t make it their home. The first person to stay there-that wasn’t a local indigenous person-was Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, who originated from the Caribbean. Years later in 1779, the Fort Dearborn was built there. Chicago eventually begin to grow fast in the 1830s and is now one of the largest and most popular cities in the U.S.

  1. PermitsChicago, Illinois Production Company

Your Chicago production studio will probably know what is needed to film in the city but if not, you should check out the information regarding filming a brand campaign or any other project in the city. While filming permits have been $25 throughout the years, the permits will increase to up to $250 per location. It depends on what you’re using for filming and other factors, such as whether or not you’re filming a student film or independent project.

  1. Café Jumping BeanChicago, Illinois Production Company

We know that it isn’t always easy to find the right location for your video services. After all, if you’re there in the winter, some of the best outdoor landmarks may not work for your video project with a Chicago, Illinois production company. The good news is that there are places like the Café Jumping Bean. This quaint coffee shop is truly an iconic location in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. While tiny, it’s a favorite fore visitors and residents alike and could be an amazing option for your project with a local production company.

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