A Seller’s Guide to Amazon Product Videos

Did you know that any brand-registered Amazon sellers that are based in the US are now allowed to incorporate product videos into their Amazon listings? With the amazing impact of video on marketing products through various other channels outside of Amazon, the expectation would be that including Amazon product videos on your Amazon listings could be incredibly beneficial to your business. 

The addition of Amazon product videos can improve your organic rankings, traffic, conversions and the overall revenue generated from product sales on your Amazon pages. Just think about it, 90% of consumers state that video helps to influence their purchase decisions and 80% state they make a purchase after seeing branded video content. In other words, the addition of product videos to your Amazon marketing strategy could potentially be game changing for your business!

But where do you start? What kind of product videos are allowed? Is there an added cost to including Amazon product videos on your listings? Do I have to professionally produce these videos, or can I just scrape content from another source? Does it really matter?

It’s understandable to have questions. In fact, it’s quite common to have questions about the use of Amazon product videos in your marketing, particularly because this is a relatively new opportunity for Amazon sellers and those who haven’t used video in their marketing campaigns before will likely need some guidance along the way. That’s why we’ve put together this seller’s guide to Amazon product videos to assist you!


Who’s Allowed to Use Video in their Amazon Listings?

One of the things that will likely stand out to you immediately is the fact that not all listings have product videos. Perhaps you even rushed over to your Amazon account right away only to find that there’s no way to add video to your listing or account?

That’s because, for now anyway, the addition of video to Amazon listings is only allowed for the following seller groups:

  • Marketplace sellers that have a registered brand through Amazon’s Brand Registry.
  • Brand-owning vendors that sell wholesale to Amazon.

Marketplace sellers that do not have a registered brand or that do not have a brand in general will not have the ability to add video. The only video for these types of listings are those submitted in the customer reviews.

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What Kind of Amazon Product Videos are Allowed?

If you’re a vendor or marketplace seller with a brand registered through Amazon’s Brand Registry, and you wish to add Amazon product videos to your listings, you’re probably wondering what types of videos are allowed? Essentially, any type of video can be used for your product pages or listings in Amazon, but there are a few that are considered “most common” for this particular type or style of marketing. These include:

  • Product Explainer Videos – these videos explain a product in greater detail and provide visual support to assist and make the explanation clear. Product explainer videos might show the product in use, they might explain unique features or functions of the product, or they could detail unique value provided by the product to help consumers understand what they’re potentially purchasing.
  • Product Highlight Videos – these videos provide detailed focus on the features, benefits and uses of a particular product. They often use a very basic structure and provide a 360° view of the product to provide as much detail as possible for the viewer.
  • Product Comparison Videos – these often compare a product side-by-side with a competitor product to show customers the value or benefit of one product over another. Product comparisons are ideal when products are similar to one another but have very specific value, unique features, add-ons, or benefits, or specific details that differentiate it from the competitor that can be visibly seen in a video.’

Is there a Cost to Including Amazon Product Videos in Listings?

Yes, and No. For marketplace sellers that have registered brands on Amazon, there is no fee associated with the inclusion of Amazon product videos in listings or on your Amazon Storefront. There may be fees associated with the professional production of your product videos, particularly because the average product video is about 1 minute long and the average cost of professional video production per finished minute is between $1,000 and $10,000. But these are costs you incur separately, during the creation of your video, and are not charged by Amazon for the inclusion of the video in your listing.

Keep in mind that Vendors, those who operate as manufactures that wholesale products to Amazon, are required to pay extra to include Amazon product videos on their listing pages. The fee for vendors is about $1500 per detail page in this case.

Do I Have to Professionally Produce Amazon Product Videos?

This is really up to the seller. We recommend professional production of Amazon product videos, but we may be a little bit biased. However, our hearts are in the right place, particularly when we say that professionally produced product videos can have a number of benefits for a Marketplace seller or brand. Not only are these videos more likely to show your products in a professional manner that will prove to your customers that you care as much about your business as you do about your brand, they’ll also be more likely to influence consumer reactions (including sales) of your products.

Professionally produced Amazon product videos that use advanced equipment, techniques, and expert skill will help your brand to stand out against your competition. Working with a professional film crew, like Beverly Boy Productions, to create Amazon product videos can help you to maintain integrity of your brand, ensure the overall success of your marketplace listings, and generate higher overall conversions for your product listings. So, while it’s not a requirement, professional production of Amazon product videos is a recommendation, from our professional opinions!

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