What is a Post Production Supervisor, and what is their Role on the Film Set? 

The Post Production Supervisor takes on the responsibility of various post production processes necessary to maintain clarity of information and open communication between the producer, editor, supervising sound editor, and facilities companies such as the film labs, studios, and negative cutters. Post production supervisors also work closely with the production accountant. This position is not highly creative, but it is highly valued in the film production crew as it ensures that the post production budget is met and that other essential deadlines are also met.

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Post Production Supervisors have a stressful role that requires someone who can remain calm and balanced when working under pressure. The work hours are often long and deadlines are tight which makes this a very demanding career.

It is common for Post production supervisors to be involved in several films at a given time, although most will only work on 3 or 4 films throughout the course of the year. 

Post Production Supervisors are employed freelance and generally choose projects to work on. They are often hired by the producer. Most production supervisors work alone, unless working on a major production in which an assistant may also be employed for the production.

Post Production Supervisor Requirements 

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Becoming a post production supervisor requires the ability to oversee all aspects of post-production. This role is often seen working closely with the director and editor to realize the final creative vision of the production.

Responsibilities include monitoring the sound editors and the work of the sound crew, ensuring that any reshoots take place in a timely manner to produce necessary visual effects, and editing pictures to ensure color timing and video mastering are rendered. 

Final Cuts

Post Production Supervisors are responsible for printing and delivering the final cut to distributors. They may also find themselves dealing with things like legal clearances and the arranging of film preview screenings and budgeting of post production processes along the way.

During post production, the supervisor will liaise with the editor and producer to determine appropriate early hiring of post production personnel.

Working Closely

This includes defining the needs to hire sound editors, title designers, and mixers that will perform a range of post-production services necessary for the finalization of the film production.

Post Production supervisors work closely with the production accountant to ensure accurate supply of information for cost reporting every few weeks.

This information shows actual expenditures compared to the expected or budgeted expenses. Post Production Supervisors will work with the post-production crew to ensure things continue to remain on budget and that processes are delivered on schedule.

Post Production Supervisor Skills 

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Post Production Supervisors have several skills relative to the mastering of video, sound and visual effects. They must have a strong understanding of the pre-production, production and post-production processes and technical training in the field.

Most of their responsibilities are logistical in nature, therefore excellent logic and ability to conceptualize ideas is a must.

Additional post production supervisor skills include:

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong ability to schedule and efficiently coordinate.
  • Training in post-production processes.
  • Ability to oversee visual effects and reshoots.
  • Audio skills.

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