5 Tips for Creating the Best Sales Pitch Videos

5 Tips for Creating the Best Sales Pitch Videos

Pitching your idea to a prospective client use to be something that was almost always done in person, but today most pitches are video-based. In fact, the best sales pitch videos are not only capable of pitching your product or service in such a way that the audience can’t help but choose to support you, they’re ideal for use throughout your marketing campaign funnels and can provide great ROI. That’s right! If you focus on creating the best sales pitch videos for your brand, you can walk away with exceptional increases in your sales conversions.

Follow these tips for creating the best sales pitch videos for your business or brand.

  1. Provide a Targeted Experience for the Audience

This is a sales pitch video, not a commercial! The best sales pitch videos provide a targeted experience for the audience that shows you’ve done your homework and understand who you’re pitching to. Anyone can make a commercial that provides a generalized pitch without any real messaging or targeting to the audience, but true sales pitch videos go a step further to pitch a targeted message to a specific prospect. This is your opportunity to connect, personally, with your prospect, on a deeper level and to showcase the importance of supporting your brand.

The best sales pitch videos are almost always personal and they will definitely be more targeted than a commercial. 

  1. Create Sales Pitch Videos for Every Level of Your Sales Funnel

The same sales pitch videos are not likely to work across the board, but the use of video will! When creating sales pitch videos, consider producing a specific pitch for each phase or level of the sales funnel. At the awareness stage, your might have a pitch that simply pitches details about the brand and what you offer. At the decision stage, you’re pitching targeted information about what makes your brand better than competitor brands in the industry and helping the audience to choose you over the competition!

  1. Utilize Your Branding so that Your Audience will Recognize You

The best sales pitch videos almost always utilize the branding of the business to their advantage, especially if your business or brand is already recognized by your target audience. The inclusion of simple branding elements such as your logo, color schemes and trends, or other features that are unique to your business in your video content will help your audience to recognize your business when they’re being pitched.

Simple details like this can go a long way in gaining audience support for your video content. A sales pitch without your branding risks the potential of your audience not recognizing who you are. However, a sales pitch that is complete with the appropriate branding of your business provides that added trust factor that you’ve already built between your business and your target client.

  1. Open with a Hook, Always!

The best sales pitch videos are those that recognize the importance of grabbing the audience’s attention within the first 5-10 seconds of the video. This means you’re going to open with a hook that grabs the attention and keeps them engaged with your video until the very end. Watch any of the top performing videos across a variety of platforms including TikTok, YouTube, or anywhere else and you’re going to find a common denominator – they all start with a strong hook that catches the interest of their target audience and sets them up for success.

With so much distraction in the world, figuring out how to hook your audience can be particularly challenging. Pay attention to what your viewers want and do yourself the diligence of researching what’s most important to your target audience. Starting off with a hook that clearly captures the interest of the audience you’re aiming to reach is absolutely essential to the success of your sales pitch.

  1. Use Clear & Concise Message in Your Story

The best sales pitch videos almost always utilize storytelling and visuals to capture the audience’s eyes and ears, but they also have another element in common – clear messaging. The best sales pitch videos are going to deliver a clear, concise message to the target audience. They don’t leave the audience wondering, “What did I just watch?”

Instead, the best sales pitch videos leave your audience walking away with a firm understanding of your offer or pitch and what you desire them to do as the outcome. Finalize your message with a call to action that encourages the audience to move forward along your sales funnel or campaign. This can help you to achieve higher conversions and sales overall from your content, and happens to be a very important element to any marketing video.

As you can see, the best sales pitch videos are a mix of elements that include a lot of customized messaging and focus on the target audience. Therefore, before you can possibly reach your audience with a sales pitch that’s going to convert them into paying customers, you’ve got to research them and understand them. This is absolutely vital to producing the best sales pitch videos for your brand!

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