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Passionate business owners realize the importance of engaging their audience, and no other marketing medium has the power to satisfy the consumer the way a company profile video can! Producing a company profile video that shares your business and all of its best features with your target audience represents your opportunity to teach prospects, current customers, and potential employees who your business is, what you do, and how you can help the community. The decision to make a company profile video in Columbus represents a key step in a powerfully effective marketing campaign.

With more than 100 minutes of online video consumed by the average consumer on a daily basis, businesses that are savvy about their use of video marketing have the potential to maximize their reach, increase audience awareness, and hit their conversion goals faster and more efficiently than brands that do not utilize video to their advantage.

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What is a Company Profile Video?

Company profile videos are short, engaging synopsis that represent the who, what, where, when and why of your business! It’s your opportunity to share your business’ personality while delivering key information on:

  • Who you are.
  • What you do.
  • Who you help.
  • How you help.
  • Why you help.
  • How long you’ve been in business.
  • Where your business operates.
  • How your business helps the Columbus community.

Through candid interviews which form the narration alongside powerful visual footage captured throughout your business and in the Columbus area, company profile videos combine engaging your audience while delivering key highlights about your business and your brand. This is your chance to say, “This is who we are, and here is what we do!”

Build Awareness & Trust in Your Brand

A professionally produced company profile video has the power to help you build awareness and stronger trust in your brand. Customers are more interested than ever before in video. In fact, 84% of consumers admit that they are more likely to purchase products or services from a business after seeing a branded video that represents the business.

Company profile videos can actually personalize, and humanize, your brand, too. Consumers, would be customers, and others that may have interest in your business feel more trusting of your brand once they see who’s behind the business, what its core values and features are, and how the brand operates.  Just make sure you hire a professional film crew to film your Columbus profile video, this way you know you can trust that your video represents the best qualities, features, and important elements of your business in the most professional manner.

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Why Should I Make a Company Profile Video in Columbus?

Producing an amazing company profile video in Columbus can help your brand achieve higher conversions and sales, will increase community awareness of your business and the products and services you provide, and will improve community trust in your brand. This is your chance to share your personality, highlight powerful products and services, and deliver attention grabbing insights that clearly explain your brand’s core values and the mission you have to serve your audience.

Columbus is an amazing location to run business and to film a corporate profile video. The state capital city features several pristine parks that wind throughout Columbus along the Scioto River, an area otherwise known as the Scioto Mile. You’ll find plenty of beautiful backdrops for filming in this area if you’re most interested in capturing nature and the outdoors. Indoors, the Franklin Park Conservatory is a delight as are several of the area museums and restaurants, particularly the Ohio Theater is a landmark historic site that is absolutely stunning inside!

Of course, there is the potential for some challenges if you choose to film at some of these locations throughout Columbus. We recommend you work closely with a professional Columbus film crew to ensure all permitting, paperwork, and other needs are taken care of before you shoot your company profile video.

Professional Company Profile Video Production in Columbus

Beverly Boy Productions specializes in producing company profile videos in Columbus and throughout Ohio. With more than two decades experience, and extensive coverage of corporate profile videos, our experts will perform candid interviews and capture all of the amazing footage required to move forward with producing your video. Give us a call to learn more about producing a company profile video in Columbus that will make your business stand out in the crowd. We’ll work together to share your brand’s story!

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