Top 5 Minneapolis Film Studios

5 Minneapolis Film Studios You Should Consider for your Minnesota Shoot

If you’re looking for Minneapolis film studios, you’re not alone. This is the sole reason why we built this list of resources. We know that the film and production industry is booming in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Companies of all sizes are looking for innovative video content for social media marketing. Production houses have hopped on this opportunity – and they’re ready to bring your project to life. If you need a T.V. spot for branded content or want to film a promotional video, many local Minneapolis studios and sound stages can help you out.

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Minneapolis Video Production Company

Minneapolis production studios have a myriad of resources to accommodate your project. Whether you’re looking for a plain white Cyc wall or a giant green screen studio, Minneapolis is home to all kinds of production facilities. Things like audio editing and professional stage lighting can be 100% covered by your Minneapolis production team. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these top-notch studios.

1. Studio 1414

This facility is a top-quality studio complete with two private spaces, two offices, and a kitchen. Studio 1414 faces the beautiful Mississippi River, but its productions are just as gorgeous.

This studio offers a variety of rates, depending on how long you’ll be utilizing it. If needed, still photography grip is also available for rental. However, it has to be reserved when you book your shoot.

Phone Number:



1414 Marshall Street NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413


HDMG is home to an 1850 square-foot studio space with a corner Cyc, green room, and studio observation window, among other features. Additionally, it has 15 parking spots adjacent to the studio entrance and a drive-in door. This makes loading your project’s necessities a simple task – and one less thing to worry about!

From commercials to animations, to explainers, HDMG has experience with it all. Whether you need art direction or overall video design, this studio has you covered.

Phone Number:



555 1st Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413

3. W2 Films

This studio space is a modern and innovative facility with everything you need to conceptualize, shoot, and edit your project. This studio prides itself on its state-of-the-art technology, production equipment, and high-powered workstations that get the job done.

It’s important to note that everything from creative direction to editing sessions are always collaborative. At W2 Films, your project is in good hands. High-quality video content is their specialty.

Phone Number:



1400 Van Buren Street Northeast
Suite 190
Minneapolis, MN, 55413

Rent a Film Studio in Minneapolis

Beverly Boy Minneapolis. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

While Minnesota has plenty of great studios, there are plenty of outdoor locations that can make the perfect backdrop for your latest film project. Take Minnehaha Park, for example. Whether you’re shooting the Minnehaha Falls or the lower reaches of the Minnehaha Creek, this lush park can give your film a lush and serene backdrop. After a long day of shooting, your film crew can find some great grub at Revival and Red Cow North Loop.

Since Minnesota is a film-friendly state, you can find details on film permits and local accessibility at the local Minneapolis film office, which is Minnesota Film and T.V. We hope that you can benefit from the information for Minnesota film studios found in this list! Enjoy!

4. 1Light Films

1Light is known as a “studio of possibility.” Located in the Waterbury Building in Northeast Minneapolis, 1Light offers 30×40 feet of shooting space, an office space, and a kitchenette. Its production space includes everything you need to get the ball rolling with your upcoming project.

Green screens, grip, and other types of equipment are available for rental, and rates for the studio space alone are extremely affordable.

Phone Number:



1121 Jackson St. N.E., Suite 128
Minneapolis, MN 55413 USA

5. Cinequipt

Cinequipt’s “Studio C” is a 2700 square-foot facility that gives you tons of space to capture your footage. This room includes black drapes, 1800 amps of electrical service, 17 tons of air conditioning, and additional rooms such as a production office and lunchroom. (Power is included when Cinequipt provides the equipment.)

One of Cinequipt’s highlights is its on-site rental and sales inventory. If anything comes up in the middle of your production, like malfunctioning equipment, this studio has your back.

Phone Number:



2601 49th Ave N #500

Minneapolis, MN 55430

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