When is the Best Time to Post Videos for B2B Marketing Sales on Instagram?

When is the Best Time to Post Videos for B2B Marketing Sales on Instagram?

What if the difference between posting just an hour later, or earlier, could exponentially change your total Instagram sales? Wouldn’t you want to know ahead of time so that you could be sure to post your Instagram marketing videos at just the right time to maximize your B2B sales? Of course you would, just like any other business owner would! But figuring out the best time to post videos for B2B marketing sales on Instagram isn’t always a cut and dry process and it’s not always as easy as just defining the hour that is most likely to result in high click-throughs for your brand.

B2B sales on Instagram can vary greatly as can the point of highest click-through. Generally, business owners can expect click through rates to actively increase around the time-frames when other business owners are likely to be browsing the platform: 12 to 1pm, 5 to 6pm, 8 to 9pm and sometimes during other periods, too. But are these the best times to post videos for B2B marketing sales on Instagram as a whole or should you be posting your videos at other times?

When’ is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Brand’s often have their own sweet-spot when it comes to posting on social media platforms like Instagram. This is determined after several weeks or months of posting regularly and monitoring the analytics to determine when the audience is most engaged and interactive with the content. Monitoring analytics in this manner allows each business to find out what practices, including posting times, days, and types of content posted, is most valuable to their individual business as a whole. Because audiences are all different, posting times can vary widely as will behavior patterns across various social networks.

The reality is, the best time to post on Instagram, or any social media platform for that matter, is when your audience is most likely to be present, engaged, and ready to consume your content. Sounds easy enough, right?

However, what’s best for you and your business might not necessarily be ideal for the next B2B marketing campaign. The Instagram algorithm does prioritize the recency of a post, placing posts that are newest and of value at the most visible point for its users and allowing older posts on the newsfeed to be pushed down the page and subsequently out of view for the audience. This means that one of the best ways to be sure that your audience is going to see the videos you post on Instagram is to post them close to the time when you expect your audience to be on the page. 

The Universal Best Time to Post on Instagram

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If you’re new to posting on social media and you’re wondering what the best time to post videos for B2B marketing sales on Instagram, you might be interested in the universal best time as a starting point for your B2B sales. The universal best time to post on Instagram is 11am on Wednesdays. This is the time that Instagram users as a whole, without regard to individual details such as specific audiences or campaigns, tend to be most likely to interact with posts.  But why Wednesday? And Why at 11am?

We theorize users come to Instagram for a break at this time. It’s essentially the mid-point in the week. Midway through the workweek. Midway through the workday. Users are more than likely coming to Instagram for a little reprieve, and they’re liking, commenting, and generally scrolling along the social platform as they “break” from other matters.

Keep in mind though, that the best time to post videos for B2B marketing sales on Instagram is not necessarily in line with the universal best time to post on Instagram! In fact, based on our theories that users are coming to Instagram on Wednesdays at 11am for a break from work and school and the business of the week, this would NOT be the ideal time for B2B marketing! Why? Users are here to take a break from the business at this midpoint during the week and during the workday. 

If you’re posting B2B marketing sales videos, you’re going to want them presented to an audience that is eagerly ready to interact with business related marketing content NOT an audience that is looking for a reprieve from work! 

Best Time to Post B2B Marketing Sales Videos on Instagram

For businesses that are looking to connect with other businesses, timing video posts on Instagram is going to look quite a bit different than it does for a business that’s reaching the consumer market. The best time to post videos for B2B marketing sales on Instagram will more than likely be targeted around the time of day when business professionals are just getting started with their work day, or when they’re just logging out for their work day. 

With 63% of American users checking Instagram at least once a day and 42% checking into the platform several times each day, finding the sweet spot times when the audience that you’re trying to target specifically is going to be key to success with your video marketing campaign. As a good starting point, many B2B marketing campaigns do well when posting their videos on Instagram to coordinate with Pacific time zone work hours as they will also coordinate with the midday and end of day work hours for the East Coast. 

For instance, planning posts between 8 and 10 am PST, and again at noon-1pm PST will result in you’re also reaching the east coast between the hours of 12 and 2 pm as well as 4 to 5pm which could coordinate with times that east coast business owners are preparing to checkout for the day. Posting again later in the evening, around 8pm EST, presents an additional view point which can also be seen by those on the Pacific Coast who may be just wrapping up for their day.

Of course, the best time to post B2B Marketing sales videos on Instagram is technically going to depend on your own analytics. As you post to Instagram regularly and track the success and effectiveness of your posts, you will soon come up with more specific time periods that appear to result in the highest interaction and engagement for your specific audience. If you’re just starting out, consider using the advice previously mentioned or check out what your competitors are doing, and consider posting around similar times! Ultimately, doing what’s most suitable to your audience will be most successful for your brand!

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