How to Use Video for B2B Marketing to Attract More Leads

In the past five years video has caught on like wildfire, gaining popularity in every stage and sector of B2B marketing and sales just as it has in other industries. With the expectation that video will continue to take off, and that consumers will continue to turn to video for everything from knowledge and understanding of new products and services being offered to trust building and referrals from other consumers in the industry. If you don’t know how to use video for B2B marketing, you run the risk of missing out on a lot of opportunity and potential for your business.

Video is appropriate for every phase of the sales cycle, from awareness through the final decision-making stage and into the post-sale customer satisfaction stage when customer retention is most important. For B2B sales, video represents the cornerstone of any marketing campaign. Learning how to use video for B2B marketing can help you achieve greater awareness of the products and services you offer, increase leads, and close more B2B deals. Here’s how you can attract more leads with your b2B video marketing

Incorporate Explainer Videos for TOFU Audience

Want to know how to use video for B2B marketing, you need to start by engaging your top-of-the-funnel audience (TOFU). Explainer videos are ideal for attracting B2B prospects at the top of the funnel where you can then engage them with content that helps them to understand various problems that they could be struggling with and the potential solutions that are offered by your brand. Explaining how your products or services could provide a solution and could be potentially beneficial to your customers represents an important step to putting B2B video content to work for you.

Make sure your explainer videos:

  • Focus on building brand awareness.
  • Make sure you’re engaging your buyers.
  • Answer the questions your target audience has.
  • Clearly identify common pain points & offer solutions.

Your explainer videos should be short, and hyper-targeted to your B2B consumer audience. Answer their questions, persuade them to continue watching or otherwise consuming your content, and make it clear that your brand represents a useful solution to their needs.

Use Webinars to Create Personal Connections that Nurture Leads 

As you’re focused on how to use video for B2B marketing to attract more leads for your business, consider the use of webinars to create personal connections that will nurture the leads you build. The webinar represents an ideal use of video not only to attract a lead audience but to connect with this audience on a more serious note. Establishing a webinar that addresses major topics of importance as they relate to your audience can add depth and value to your marketing campaigns.

Not only will a webinar help you to build credibility, but an average of 55% of webinar registrants will convert to customers. By sharing the details of your webinar Monday thru Wednesday, and then hosting the webinar on Thursday you maximize potential for success as the majority of enterprise level executives will engage in webinars at that time over any other time of the week.

Create Case Study & Testimonial Videos to Increase Trust

Testimonial videos are the leading style of B2B marketing content when it comes to building trust among the consumer audience. These, along with case study videos, represent powerful relationship building opportunities in which your B2B sales team can build credibility that will help you to stand apart from the competition. Testimonials are easy to create, and represent some of the most affordable types of content for your B2B sales. 

If you’re not sure how testimonial videos and case studies can help you maximize your B2B marketing, consider the use of these videos on your landing pages to prove satisfaction with past sales. You can also use case study videos in your email marketing campaigns to help you generate stronger trust and greater credibility while increasing your click-through rate by up to 300%.

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Use How-to Videos & Product Demos to Encourage Decision Making

The majority of B2B sales professionals are finding that the use of how-to videos and product demonstration videos can improve the decision making among the consumer. Sharing these videos in your sales funnel at the awareness stage, and during the decision-making stage, will help you to convert more of your B2B  leads. 

If you’re not sure how to use video for B2B marketing at this stage, or you’re unsure how you can use how-to videos and product demonstrations to your marketing advantage, consider the following:

  • Use demo videos to show products or services to B2B clients where the value may not be evident but the use-case is clear.
  • Provide live product demos to convert more leads from your target customers. This is especially useful if you’re product has special features where a demo can help you to prove that you’re the ideal choice over the competitor.
  • Include how-to videos on your landing pages to increase lead generation and conversions.
  • Incorporate how-to videos into email campaigns to provide clear, details instructions that assist your audience in overcoming various challenges.

Learning how to use video for B2B marketing so that you can attract more leads through your sales and marketing funnels is an important step for any B2B marketer. If you’re still trying to navigate this process, and wondering how to make videos that can increase your B2B sales leads, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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