What is the Biggest Challenge for Live Streaming?

While the decision to live stream over offering in-person events can have a number of potential challenges, the barrier to entry for live-streaming has really never been lower which means more and more business owners are turning to this practice. Although it may appear that live streaming is easier than ever before, there are still several challenges faced on a regular basis. Quite possibly the biggest challenge for live streaming stands in providing exceptional quality content with low latency for the end user. Are you wondering, “What is the biggest challenge for live streaming?” Team Beverly Boy has the answer!

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What does that mean?

Although video equipment is more affordable and accessible than ever, some of the cheaper live streaming equipment options and setups are some of the most challenging to work with and pose some of the greatest threats when it comes to delivering exceptional quality content with low latency.

We all know what exceptional quality is – if it looks good, and sounds good, and is appealing visually to the audience, it’s probably good quality. But what is low latency? And what does latency have to do with live streaming quality?

When we say that low latency is one of the biggest challenges for live streaming, we’re referring to the total amount of delay that occurs between the time when the camera captures the event and the time when the event is displayed for the audience. In some cases, latency isn’t as big of a deal as it is in others.

When Is Latency One of the Biggest Challenges for Live Streaming?

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While latency isn’t always a major problem for live streamers there are some instances where lack of a low latency option poses one of the biggest challenges for live streaming companies. In order for a live stream to be considered “low latency” there must be a delivery time of 5 seconds or less from the point when the event is captured on camera to the point where it is displayed on the screen for the end viewer.

Producing low latency live streams are absolutely vital in some cases, and of minimal importance in others. In the following situations, low latency is very important to the success of the production:

– Two-way chat systems that take place during a stream.

– Real-time device control (such as when live streaming from a drone).

– Live event streams, such as sports leagues or official networks.

– Live stream shopping events, and Live stream auctions or Bidding.

– Video Game streaming.

Additional Challenges with Live Streaming

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In addition to the latency struggle, sometimes the biggest challenge for live streaming is a technical issue that results from the display quality that is delivered. For example, when your audience has slower or average internet speeds and you’re attempting to deliver top quality picture, the bitrate or stream quality could result in your audience struggling to connect to and view the stream.

For this reason, it’s important to know your audience and have a good idea of how technically savvy they are so that you can provide a user experience that is helpful to them.

Have reliable equipment

Sometimes the biggest challenge for live streaming comes up when your equipment fails or there are other technical difficulties with the equipment during the live stream.

You may recognize these challenges when your audience says, “It looks great, but I can’t hear you!” or “It’s not working! I can’t see or hear a thing!”  These issues are frequently relative to the equipment and can result from something as simple as forgetting to turn on the camera or to plug in the microphone or they may be issues relative to more advanced technical difficulties.

Stable internet connection is key

Going back to quality of the stream and low latency, the biggest challenge for live streaming that most production teams have is a poor internet connection. Lack of stable, fast internet connection can certainly hinder an otherwise top quality live stream from being displayed.

While steps can (and will) be taken to ensure a solid internet connection before going live if you hire a team like Beverly Boy Productions to assist with your live stream event, there are still instances where the internet connection can cause problems during the stream.

Testing the internet connection thoroughly prior to the live stream event is important as is having a backup plan. Now that you know what the biggest challenge for live streaming potentially is and what steps can be taken to eliminate these struggles, call Beverly Boy Productions to get started on producing the live stream of your dreams! Your audience will thank you!

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