Powerful Benefits of Professional Video Streaming Services for Live Events

Powerful Benefits of Professional Video Streaming Services for Live Events

If you’re planning a live event and you want your remote audience to have access to high-quality streaming, guaranteed uptime and extended, distraction-free access, you’re going to want to live stream it. Professional video streaming services for live events make your in-person events accessible for a remote audience, widening your business or organizational reach while providing a host of benefits both for you and for your attendees. 

The decision to live stream your event with the support of a professional versus the use of a free livestream platform option such as YouTube Live or Facebook Live is certainly something that you should carefully consider. But once you hear about all of the benefits that come with the decision to hire professional video streaming services for live events, we doubt you’ll go the “free,” DIY route ever again!

Whether you’re hosting a sporting event, conference, business meeting, or something entirely different, the switch from offering an in-person only, to a live streamed event is huge both for you and for your audience. Just checkout these benefits that you’ll quickly realize in working with professional video streaming service for live events.

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  1. High Quality Streaming

Although live streaming of events is something that is relatively new for small to medium businesses outside of the sports industry, a rise in video use and the ability to broadcast online has created a consumer industry that desires constant and consistent quality in the content they engage with online. Hiring professional video streaming services for live events means you’ll have the benefit of delivering high quality streaming of your event to your targeted audience. 

Professional crews, like Beverly Boy Productions, use robust infrastructure and high-quality video to produce a live stream broadcast of your event that shows just like a traditional television broadcast. You have the benefit of consistent quality and limited risk for technical interference or glitches that could otherwise cause your audience to lose interest. 

  1. Constant Uptime

If you’ve ever watched a live event that lost its internet connection at just the absolute worst possible time, you know the importance of a consistent, high-speed internet connection that will guarantee the uptime of your event stream. If you haven’t ever had to miss a very important portion of a live event due to loss of internet connect – you’re lucky! Either way, hiring a professional to help with your livestreaming ensures a consistent uptime that will guarantee your audience can access your live event for the duration of the show, all be it, as long as they don’t have any technical difficulties on their end.

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  1. Analytics Tracking

If you’ve never had the benefit of analytics tracking for your live streams you might not even realize what your missing. Working with a professional live streaming production crew, utilizing a professional platform for your live streams, provides you with a host of relative metrics that you can benefit from in your future marketing initiatives. 

Being able to track the success of your live event stream goes well beyond number of viewers. Analytics tracking provides you the opportunity to track visitor engagement, behaviors, and outcomes in addition to typical tracking of how many people viewed your stream. This data is then useful for developing or otherwise refining your future content initiatives and marketing strategy to achieve your goals.

  1. Distraction-Free Live Streaming of Your Event

Working with a professional means you’re not going to be hindered by the typical third-party streaming distractions that occur during typical livestream services such as YouTube. Your video stream is going to play, commercial-free and distraction-free, for the duration of the event without any interruptions caused by outside sources. You can also rest assured that your stream will not include any kind of third-party advertising unless you choose to allow and incorporate such adverts into your stream.

  1. Improved Monetization

Monetizing your live stream is incredibly limited with YouTube or other third-party platforms, but when you take control of your live event streaming you can monetize in a variety of ways. Professional video streaming services for live events allow you to monetize your event in a variety of ways including pay-per-view, subscription models, and the inclusion of various other monetization options such as the incorporation of sponsored ads and display advertising.

  1. Real Time Event Engagement

Want to make your viewers incredibly happy? Offer real-time engagement in your live event streams! Working with professional video streaming services for live events provides you with the opportunity to incorporate real-time user engagement opportunities into your event. From including chat sessions with influencers, to incorporating live Q&A sessions into the event, to polling your attendees, there are tons of ways to engage your audience when you’re working with a professional live streaming production crew.

  1. Increased Opportunity for Revenue 

Want to derive more revenue from your live streams? Professional video streaming services for live events provide you with a number of opportunities to derive revenue from your events. Not only does live streaming your event increase audience reach allowing you to sell more tickets to your event than would be possible with an in-person event, you’ll also have the opportunity to bring in extra revenue from things like on-demand event access, third-party advertising sales, and things like in-event purchases of gear or merchandise. 

As you can see, there are incredible benefits to hiring professional video streaming services for live events depending on your unique event needs. Ready to hire a pro? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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